Why Do Women Love Kayaking?

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Kayaking is a great way to explore the beautiful waterways. It’s even more fun when you are out with your very own kayak which adds up to more thrills and adventures. It lets you be in your own control and explore any part of the waterway that you want to. The best part of kayaking is that it welcomes anyone and everyone despite the age and abilities. This beauty of kayaking is attracting women more and more to get involved in this beautiful sport.

Now a day about 46% of kayakers are women and the number is growing rapidly. Even with it, kayak manufacturers and some top kayaks brands are coming with designer kayaks, accessories, and outfits that match with the taste of every woman. But the question is, why do women love kayaking so much?

We have done a few surveys with women of Asia and come up with 6 reasons why women love kayaking so much. Let’s list them up for you!

Kayaking is Easy Yet Fun

Though kayaking can be considered as a sport it doesn’t require too much technique. At first, it may seem a bit complicated but once you learn and get hang of the basic strokes such as forward stroke, backward stroke, etc. it’s easier than anything. But this easy-going sport never gets boring. Once you learn to take full control of your kayak, you can go anywhere with it and get the most of the fun out of it!

Doesn’t Require Brute Strength

Instead of strength, kayaking is more about balance and techniques. It engages your core muscles efficiently. It helps in proper muscle movement and blood circulation. As women are not generally fond of hardcore exercises they are more likely to get into kayaking as it’s a good form of exercise that doesn’t require brute strength.

Let’s You Enjoy the Nature to Its Fullest

One of the main reasons why women love kayaking is the ambiance related to it. Kayaking is a slow and soothing sport. It doesn’t involve smelly fuels or engine noises. It is rather calm and peaceful. Through kayaking, you can get closest to nature. You can hear the sound of ripples from the boat and even can get a closer look at the marine lives. If you prefer the wilderness you can even go to shallow coves with your kayak. Once people get into kayaking, the beauty of nature seen from the boat keeps attracting more and more that you can’t get away from it.

Health & Fitness

When you look at the health benefits of kayaking, it sure is a long shot. Kayaking is always a great way to keep you active and engage your core muscles to move at its 100% efficiency which is why health-conscious women love kayaking so much. Let’s look at all the health benefits of kayaking.

  • Weight Loss: In the sport of kayaking, you have to move the kayak with all your strength engaging your core muscles. It requires about 0.1hp effort to move a regular size kayak at about 5mph which burns about 400 kilocalories in 1 hour. So you can easily burn 1000 kilocalories if you kayak for 2.5hours.
  • Upper Body Workout: When you are kayaking, you have to get the paddle dip into the water and make forward and backward strokes repeatedly which engage your torso and upper body muscles that lead to a great upper body workout. That’s why kayaking is always a great way if you want to tone your body.
  • Core Strengthening: When you make strokes in the water, the core that is consisted of your upper and lower abdominal muscles gets twisted. So through balance and control, your core muscles get strengthened.
  • Source of Vitamin D: Vitamin D is a very essential element for human health that isn’t found much in foods. That’s why kayaking under the sun can give you about 80% of this sunshine vitamin that can prevent cancer and other skin diseases.
  • Stress Reduction: Getting out on the water with a kayak, being among the beautiful nature, seeing the blues of the sky and the greens of the surrounding, listening to the sound of the ripples can make you forget about all your stress. So whenever you are feeling stressed, kayaking can be a great way to get rid of it.
  • Improved Heart Rate: When you are kayaking on the water, you get to take in fresh natural air. And the continuous movement of your body raises the heart rate and helps you take a deeper breath. This way kayaking helps you in improving your heart health.

Community and Social Aspect

Not too many sports let you meet other people and form a community. Whereas, through kayaking, you get to meet a lot of people who share the same interest and make friends. Besides, kayaking is a great way to spend time with your friends, family and loved ones and take a break from your busy lives. That’s why women are fond of kayaking so much.

Personal Flexibility

Though kayaking can contribute to so much in gathering social experiences, it offers you personal flexibility too. If you don’t have a partner to share the kayak with you or you need some own time, you can even go on solo expeditions. Nowadays, there are many solo kayaks in the market that are light weighed enough to be carried alone by a small woman. So be it a solo expedition or a group adventure, kayaking is there for you.

Kayaking is not just a sport, it’s a whole new experience. When you are out on the water with a kayak without trolling motor, you get to enjoy nature to its fullest, get all your stresses out, improve your mental health, keep your body in shape and even get to meet with wonderful people who share the same interest. Kayaking has so many great sides that it is so much appealing to the feminine nature that women can’t help but love kayaking.

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