The Definite Guide to Use a Pole Saw Properly [Expert’s Words]

Our today’s topic is pole saw. You know how useful a saw is! And the pole saw is one of the categories of the saw. The pole saw was made in order to make the hard tasks easier and do those jobs which can’t be done with a typical saw. The pole saw is usually used to cut the tall branches of a tree or the trees. They are specially made for that.

In this pole saw guide, we’ve tried to include your every possible question and answer them so that you can use a pole saw properly and get the best service from it. We hope this guide will help you out. Here we go-

using-pole-saw.jpg How to use a pole saw

What Is a Pole Saw?

Pole saw is a kind of chainsaw on a stick. This is the best way to describe it properly and easily. A light chainsaw is attached to a long pole which helps you to make easier the cutting of tall pesky branches of a tree. You know what; a ladder can’t be perfect for cutting tall branches as it’s not safe and can be the cause of serious injury to you and your neighbors. In those cases, the pole saw is the right and perfect solution. They are pretty useful and ensure your safety.

There are some kinds of pole saw. Basically, we can find the electric pole chain saw, cordless pole saw, gas powered pole saw and typical pole saw. Among them, the electric pole saw and the typical pole saw are most common. And, obviously, the electric pole saw is more effective than other types and it does the job perfectly with your minimum effort.


How to Use a Pole Saw?

Before starting using pole saw, you should follow some common rules in order to be safe as the parts of a pole saw are dangerous and can hurt you badly. Consider these cautions suggestions before starting, because of safety first-

Consider the Cutting Height:

You may know, the higher the saw goes up, the heavier the saw becomes. Generally, the recommended height of cutting from the ground is 8 feet or below. DO NOT try to cut above 8 feet. If you need to cut to a higher height than 8 feet, then it’s the best idea to call professionals. In the range of 8 feet, you’ll also able to job the job faster and effectively.

Keep Away the Power Line:

We all know that power line delivers the power and it’s dangerous. You may get hurt anytime, and a pole saw’s power line isn’t different too. So, always keep the safe distance from the power line and never let the power line to contact the branch that you’re cutting. Because the power line can endanger you and other people around the working place.

Leave the Thick Branches or Wood:

If you’re not a professional, then it’s better for you to leave the thick branches for the professionals. The thick branches take a long time to be cut, and it’s hard for the non-professional to cut the branches perfectly. So, we advise every nonprofessional to leave the thick branches and go for the easy units.

Check Your Extension & Keep the Gear Close:

When you work outdoor, your corded pole saw needs extension(s). Make sure that the extension is correctly plugged in. Otherwise, an accident may occur. After ensuring the machine, it’s time to ensure your safety. The first and final rule to keep yourself safe by using any tool is to wear safety gears before starting. So, wear your gloves, glasses, boots and ear protection before start cutting. This is minimum safety and you shouldn’t proceed without these.

Inspect the Tools & Clear the Working area:

Just before starting the engine, inspect your tools and make sure that it’s good. For the pole saw, it’s important to check out the chain oil level. The level must be at least halfway up. You can check the oil level through the chain oil window.

After doing the checking, it’s time to clear the working area in order to make sure the safety and reduce any damage. You or other people may get hurt when the branches fall down from a high distance. The branches can also damage other things too. So, clear your working area.

So, you’ve done the preparation to start using a pole saw. Now, it’s time to use the saw for the job. Follow the instructions that are given below step by step to make a successful pole saw job. Let’s start-

Step 01- Make the Plan:

Making a good plan before starting any work is the best way to do the job perfectly. You should also make a plan before start cutting the branch. You know, there is a technique to cut a branch. You might need to do some jump cuts or preliminary cuts before the final cut just to complete the job perfectly.

Step 02- Prepare the Saw:

We earlier checked the pole saw. Should you again prepare the saw? Well, these are actually not the same. This is basically positioning the pole saw. Extend your pole saw to your desired height of cutting. Once you have done extending, start the machine from the ground to cut the branches. Don’t forget to stand in a stable position in order to cut smoothly without any risk.

Step 03- It’s Time to Cut:

After doing every preparation, it’s time to cut off the branches. Do a jump cut for a bigger branch first to make the job easier. If the branch is small, then you can directly cut it from the underneath. Make sure that you’re in a safe distance when the branch falls down.

That’s all! It’s a better idea to clean up the area after every cut and before proceeding to another; in order to avoid tripping yourself.


How to Use with Rope

If you want to use the pole saw with rope, then you need to know the process properly. Using rope (or string) is a good way to cut the branches of 12 feet or more away without a ladder. You’ll able to do it properly, easily and quickly if you know how to operate it. Here is the guide-

At first, ensure your safety. Wear glasses, hand gloves, boots, and ear protectors. Use leather gloves to ensure a better grip.

After that, pull out the interior section of your pole saw from the exterior section. It’ll extend the saw. Adjust the height that you need to cut the branches. Now, it’s time to lock the section to make sure that they will not be detached during cutting. You may lock them by tightening the wing screw or twisting them. It depends on your saw model.

Later, slide the hook end of the saw over the branch top that is needed to cut. Now, create tension on the branch and the hook by stepping back. Hold the saw with one hand and grasp the rope with the other hand which is attached to the saw blade.

Finally, pull down the rope toward the ground in a firm & quick action. If you can do it correctly, the branch will be cut off. Don’t forget to move quickly away from the tree so that the falling branch can’t hurt you.


What Oil for Pole Saw?

Not all types of pole saw require chain oil. Only the electric pole saw needs chain oil. Other typical pole saws don’t need oils generally. Sometimes you can apply a little bit of lubricating oil to keep the sharpness for a longer time. So, now the question is, what oil is good for your electric pole saw?

Well, we can’t generally name a specific oil brand or model for your pole saw. There is a lot of good electric pole saw chain oils available in the market from many reputed manufacturers. It’s the best idea to use the recommended oil that is mentioned in the user manual of your pole saw. But remember, never use motor oil as chain oil for your saw. That’s because those 2 are completely different. We are telling this because we got many people who used motor oil in their electric pole saw. The motor oil damages the saw. You can buy a bigger can of recommended oil for your saw to save money. Use and store nicely for later.

Another thing that you should know about chainsaw oil is; there are 2 main types of oil for the electric chainsaw. The summer oil and the winter oil. The summer oil is thicker due to valid reasons. And the winter oil is thinner in order to make sure the proper circulation in the cold temperature. Make sure that you use the right oil in the right season. You can get them from your nearest hardware shops or you can order online.


How to Make a Pole Saw Longer

We often need a longer pole saw because of the need of cutting higher branches of the tree. But our pole saws have limited lengths generally. So how can you extend the pole height when needed?

Well, the modern pole saws have this built-in feature. These poles have mainly 2 layers. The interior layer remains hidden under the exterior layer. And you can extend the length of the pole saw by bringing out the interior pole. This is quite easy. There is a bolt in the upper side of the pole. Loosen the bolt and expend the pole by bringing out the interior portion. When you get the desired length, tighten the bolt to lock it up. It will raise the length of the pole simply.

Please note that DO NOT forget to use the belt of the pole saw when you expend it. That’s because it requires more strength to keep the pole saw stable when it rises.

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