5 Best Wireless Dog Fence Review [Buying Guide Inside]

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Do you really need the Best Wireless Dog Fence in 2019? Well, it depends on how much do you care for your dog! Let us elaborate. A dog, by nature, is really playful. It tends to wander off wherever it can have a good time. And that often implies leaving a safe zone and wandering into another person’s property.

We have a proper understanding, let’s jump into the review for which you’ve all been waiting for. We have tried to the best of our efforts to bring you the best possible options, hope you’ll enjoy the selection.

Best Rated Wireless Dog Fences in Recent

1. PetSafe Dog Fence System

Product Overview

PetSafe – unlike some of the key players in the market, have a different way of approaching their customers. In fact, most of the time, their products are far more creative than many other potential competitors. It is probably one of the main reasons as to why the Wireless pet containment system from PetSafe is at the top of this review list.

As far as customer satisfaction goes, PetSafe manages to cram a lot of features for a very competitive price. Although there may be some who can argue on this matter, we would say that if you love your pet, then paying some extra cash shouldn’t be an issue. As a matter of fact, the features you are getting should be well worth your money.

First of all, this is one of the finest wireless pet containment systems currently available. Aside from covering a fair bit of ground, the wireless system tends to hold up pretty well against rough weather conditions. Also, it is one of those weather systems which don’t lose its touch very often. That’s enough chatter for now. Let’s get on with the features.

At first, we would like to mention that this wireless system can cover about half an acre all around (180-feet), which should be plenty for vacation or other such occasions. Aside from the area coverage, the installation is pretty straightforward. As there is absolutely no need for wires, it takes only around 2-hours to get set up and be done with it.

Then you have the portability and adjustability. As with most of the wireless dog fences, setting up a containment area isn’t always easy. But with this containment kit, you can easily set up a perimeter to keep your pet safe and sound. As the adjustability goes, you are getting a 5-level correction and a tone-only mode, which is always nice to have.

Finally, the alarm system on this particular kit is better than your average dog fence, as it lets out an audible sound if your pet is leaving the area of containment. It is worth mentioning that the auto-shutoff feature will only let the siren sound for 30-seconds and then shutoff. Furthermore, the weather-proofing and low battery indicator work together really well to give you the protection you were looking for.

So, who is this for? As far as we can tell, if you love your pet the way we think you do, then this is probably the right choice for you. So, be sure to check it out. 


  • Area coverage is decent.
  • The included dog collar fits a good variety of sizes
  • It comes with proper weather-proofing.
  • A low battery indicator feature is an added bonus.
  • Portability and adjustability are on point.


  • Only suitable for pets around 8-pounds or less.
  • There are small glitches at times with the system.

2. PetWorld Wireless Dog Fence System

Product Overview

PetWorld is another big name in the field of pet-related consumer products. Like most premium brands, they also like to be precise about the products they bring to the table for the average users. And for this reason, they have managed to make a pretty good impact on the consumer market of late.

Unlike most other dog fence systems, you will find that this pet system features a 433 MHz technology, which is clearly a good start. It allows the user to keep a precise track of his or her dog.

Also, there are certain features of this fence which makes it more desirable as the best wireless dog fence.

So, here are the features you’ve been waiting for:

First of all, the area coverage of this wireless dog fence is around 500-feet, which is far better than some of the existing products. Also, you are getting a dial system for better controllability of the coverage area, which you can set from 10 to 100.

Then you have the overall usability to consider here. For the most part, it can handle rough weather pretty well. As a matter of fact, the receiver collar is IP65 water-resistant, which hold out fine in light drizzles.

Also, and we want to state it clearly, it is pretty easy to set up in the outdoors. Furthermore, all the possible equipment is rechargeable, so that you don’t have to worry about the receiver and transmitter running out of charge.

Finally, we would like to finish off by letting you know that it can handle a wide variety of collar sizes. In fact, it should probably be fine for most dogs without any issue.

All in all, if you are looking for the best all-around wireless dog fence, then make sure that you check it out. It never really hurts to let your pet out of other people’s business while you are busy with work! 


  • Covers a lot of ground.
  • Features 433Mhz wireless technology, which offers better tracking.
  • The collar is waterproof.
  • Really easy to set up outdoors.
  • Fit for almost any dog.


  • There are occasional beeping issues.

3. Dr. Tiger Electric Dog Shock Collar

Product Overview

In this review for the best electric dog fence, we see fit to allow a slot to the makers Dr. Tiger. Here’s why:

Apart from all the usual features, the vendors have come up with a few unique features which are hard to find most of the time. As a matter of fact, we have allotted a slot for the Electric Dog Fence from Dr. Tiger specifically for these features.

For instance, the variable shock feature is something we think many vendors fail to implement properly. And this is a specific area where Dr. Tiger 2 shines. The proportional static shock feature seems to work really well as the shock intensifies with each step your dog takes towards the fence.

Also, the speed detection feature intensifies the shock with the movement speed of your dog, which is also something to keep in mind. So, overall the variable shock feature seems to work pretty well so far.

Other than the variable shock feature, you are getting a good amount of area coverage. Take note that there are other models out there to choose from, which all feature different coverage limits. The unit we have can cover up to 320-feet, which we think sits somewhere in the middle of the pack. You clearly wouldn’t want to forget that this wireless fence comes with a variable width control feature, which allows you to control the area width with the push of a button.

Another thing to point out here is the fact that it can sustain rough weather. Also, the audible siren and blinking lights are easy to comprehend without any issue, which is certainly something you would want for your wireless fence.

Overall, we think it is a solid wireless dog fence that you should find is compatible with your needs. If so, then you may want to consider having a look at it.     


  • The variable shock feature performs well.
  • Area coverage is on point.
  • It can sustain bad weather.
  • Wire-break indicators are properly visible and audible.


  • Longevity may be an issue with this kit.
  • Whether sustainability is good, but not great.

4. FunAce Wireless Pet Fence

best wireless pet fence for small dogs


Product Overview

If you are looking for the best value for the money wireless dog fence, the FunAce has got your back! As far as the features, they are intuitive and creative for the most part. Other than that, you are getting the usual features, which eliminate all most every possibility of your dog wandering away from the area. So, here goes:

Among one of the best features which caught our eye is the long battery life, which claims to be around 3-days. While fiddling away, we did reach close to that number, which is pretty rare. Not that there are other deny that you may find something better, but still, it is sometimes hard to match the vendor’s claims with reality.

As for the system goes, it does feature a really clever design. As with most wireless dog fences, you may find dead spots through which your dog can slip past easily. Different manufacturers have different ways to tackle this.

But what sets this wireless fence apart is the fact that you can add transmitters to get rid of the dead spots. Also, you can extend the level of security as well, which is something you won’t find in many products.

Aside from these key talking points, you are getting a decent coverage area of around 500-feet in radius, which is plenty considering the price you are paying. Also, the collar does come with IP65 water resistance, so you shouldn’t have any problems regarding the weather. Moreover, the collar can fit a wide variety of necks which is nice.

Overall, considering the design and usability, we think it is one of the best options for a wireless dog fence you will find. Do check it out if you are interested. 


  • Features a satisfactory battery life.
  • Covers a good amount of ground.
  • The collar comes with waterproof ratings, which is commendable.
  • Smart design with room for transmitter insertion to eliminate dead spots.
  • Pretty easy to set up and get started.
  • It is suitable for a wide variety of dogs.


  • There may be glitches occasionally.

5. Sit Boo-Boo Electric Hidden Dog Fence

Best Invisible Dog fence system



Product Overview

The Electric Hidden Dog Fence from Sit Boo-Boo is one of our favorite choices for some specific reasons.

First of all, the adjustability it offers is clearly one of the best there is. As far as the adaption to the behavior of your canine goes, the hidden dog fence can act on it pretty easily. The automatic adjustability to the tone and vibration of your canine is astonishing to say the very least. And the way it handles the multiple settings is certainly worth mentioning.

One of the key selling points of this wireless dog fence is the way it is constructed. The kit is capable of handling 20-acres without much of an issue. As a matter of fact, the solid build quality does provide a sense of accuracy, as it doesn’t fail as frequently as some of the low-budget options.

Resistance to rough weather conditions is another key trait of this product. The makers claim it to be 100% water-resistant, which we can agree with to a certain degree of course. Although it’s not meant to tackle too intense weather conditions, the IPV7 water resistance rating can save the dog collar form occasional splashes from puddles.

So, who should buy this product? As far as usability goes, we are pretty happy with what it has to offer. The overall price to performance ratio is ok if you ask us. For the price, we do think you are getting what you pay for. So, the bottom line is, if you are on a limited budget, then you should probably have a shot at it.


  • Area coverage is good for the money.
  • Features a rugged design for maximum safety.
  • The collar can fit a wide array of dogs.
  • It can handle rough weather conditions well.
  • It’s easy and convenient to use.


  • Unclear instructions may lead to a bad experience.

Wireless Dog Fence: How to make the right choice?

This section will be an in-depth buying guide as to how you may want to approach on buying the proper wireless dog fence for yourself.

But before that, you may want to ask yourself the question:

Why should I even consider a wireless dog fence?

A corded dog fence does have an advantage when it comes to flexibility. As there are various ways to set up a corded dog fence, it does sometimes offer a good amount of usability. But with modern wireless dog fences, you get both flexibility and ease-of-use at the same time.

For one, wireless fences use a transmitter and a canine collar. As the transmitter and collar can communicate wirelessly, you can keep the transmitter at home. As the transmitter creates a safe space for your dog to play, it’s convenient to use. As soon as your pet tries to get away from the pre-designated zone, the collar sends a shock to its neck and prevents it from going out of the desired space you set up for your dog. This way, there’s no hassle of extra wires to plant. Also, the interface is pretty easy to set up and use. All in all, it’s a win-win situation.

Now that we know why you should consider a wireless dog fence, here are the things you need to keep in consideration to get the best value for the money.

  • Don’t cheap out:

In most cases, we would actually tell you to spend the least amount of money to find the best combination of features. Not in this case. If you are reading this review, then we can assume that the bond between you and your dog is pretty strong. Also, you are pretty concerned about its security. Regarding wireless fences for dogs, you pretty much get what you pay for. So, unless you are on a strict budget, then we would advise you to go for the high-end models out there. It will be best for you and your dog.

  • Keep the area coverage in check:

Always check this part! Area coverage is of prime concern as it is a crucial security measure. Most manufacturers tend to use acres or feet to convey this information to the user.

In a nutshell, the more area coverage you want, the powerful transmitter you need to have. Of course, with a wider range comes a wider price margin, so be mindful of that.

Do make sure that there are not too many metal contacts around. Many transmitters tend to malfunction because of this. Even some transmitters can malfunction pretty badly. So, this is something you may want to keep in check.

  • The easier it is, the better:

You are spending a good amount of money for your loving pet’s security. So, it is only logical that you get something out of it!

And that’s where the usability comes in. Make sure that your dog fence kit is easy enough to set up. Wireless fences aren’t only for home use. They should also be capable of being convenient in other areas such as parks or farmhouses.

What we are trying to say here is, wherever you want to go, you may want to make sure that your wireless fence is up and running in a short amount of time.

  • There are other features:

When it comes to other relevant features, water-proofing ranks are at the top of the list. A waterproof dog collar is a must to withstand the bad weather conditions.  Most dog collars these days have a certain amount of water-proofing. This allows it from getting damaged by accidental splashes. 

Also, you may want to make sure the collar your dog is wearing is durable enough to withstand the naughtiness. You may want to have a convenient option to turn off the collar if you’re dog wants to have a good time without receiving too many shocks.

Last but not least; battery life may be a concern for many. Having rechargeable batteries is nice. But if you’re comfortable with a disposable option, then you can go that route as well. But generally speaking, wireless batteries are better in many use case scenarios.

These are the prime things you need to consider before going ahead with your purchase.

Although the above-mentioned points are crucial, there is one last thing that you may want to remember. And that is a warranty.  It is always a possibility that you may be having issues with your device. Being able to reach out and ask for help or even getting a replacement should be easy enough for you. Although most manufacturers do offer proper customer support these days, it never hurts to do some digging before making a purchase.

Final thoughts

Before we say goodbye, there are somethings we would like to say to you. In this review for the best wireless dog fence, so far, we have said one thing countless times. Never rely on a cheap product that can potentially put your dog at risk. Cheap wireless fences tend to cut a lot of corners. For this reason, the overall safety remains at a risk for most of the time.

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