Best Remote Control Car [Complete Reviews With Comparison]

I am really jealous of kids of this age. They've got to play with some of the coolest toys that we could never even imagine. And childhood for them may be is more thrilling with these toys.

Take the Best Remote Control Car for example. Put yourself in the shoes of a 12 years kids and imagine driving an RC car to the fullest. And in case you're a grown-up, it's never too late to get back to the childhood thrills.

In today’s Best RC cars review, we've researched out 14 of the most outstanding RC cars and reviewed their features and benefits. We've added a tagline with each of the cars and that will help you to figure out the best use of the car.

Grab a cup of coffee, keep reading until the end. We promise that you'll end up with the best pick for you.


Design Variation



Traxxas XO-1 AWD Supercar


Bold ProGraphix painted the body

25.2V extreme ESC/Brushless

Traxxas 70054-1 Pro 4 Wheel Drive


1:16 secure chassis

Titan 12T 550 modified motor

Traxxas 4X4 Brushle​ss


Rigid, LCG chassis

4X4 Brushless motor

Velocity Toys Remote Control Racer Super-car



Up to 15 MPH High-Speed Motor

Traxxas 37054-1 Rustler


Waterproof 1/10 Scale

Titan® 12-Turn 550 Modified Motor

Exceed RC 2.4 Ghz Mad Speed


Street-ready detailed drift body

380 3000KV Brushless motor

Exceed RC Electric DriftStar


Aluminum centre long drive shaft

RC 540 motor

Maisto RC Rock Crawler


Rock Crawler 3XL


Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car


Musical and Lightning Body

2 Channel driving motor

HPI Racing E10 Mustang


Ford Mustang RTR body

Saturn 27T electric motor

Exceed Off-Road RC Buggy


Aluminum centre drive shaft

540 Brushed Motor

KidiRace RC Remote Control Police Car


Realistic Police Car


RASTAR La Ferrari


La Ferrari Replica

Official licensed 50100

Maisto Red Bull RB10 Racing


Official F1 Car Replica

electric engine


1. TRAXXAS XO-1 AWD SUPERCAR - Best Remote Control Car Overall

Welcome to the Best Remote Control Car overall and one of the finest creation from the brand Traxxas- the mighty Traxxas XO-1 1/7 Scale AWD Supercar! It’s great in terms of performance, duality, design, durability and of course the price-quality ratio.

We've selected it as our #1 and we have plenty of reasons behind it. Let's explain them right away-

TRAXXAS XO-1 AWD SUPERCAR.jpg Best Remote Control Car Overall

The first thing that drew our mind that, Traxxas has used a magnificent motor that is brushless and contains as great power as 25.2V. With a few Lipo batteries included, the speed can be taken to 60mph at only three seconds.

If your yard is full of bumps and obstacles, Traxxas XO-1 1/7 Scale AWD Super car will easily overcome those with a shock-absorbing cush drive. With such a suspension in it, it’s really a treat for eyes to see it in action. In fact, Traxxas has its own system designed to provide better stability to this car. It’s called the Traxxas Stability Management(TSM). It works especially in case of slippery or smooth surfaces and holds the control swiftly on the car.

As it’s a wireless RC car, it should have a remote control. But the radio system that we get with this car, is something beyond that. It's a 2.4 GHz with a wireless module. This will let you control your Traxxas RC model right from your Android or iOS.

To get you your RC car with your favorite color, Traxxas XO-1 1/7 Scale AWD Super car comes in four different colors- black, blue, red and white. Surely, you will fall in love with each one of them. And also, the car is designed to be almost realistic and no matter which age the user is off, it will be surely on his/her buying shortlist.

What We Liked

  • 15 mm central ground clearance
  • Black chrome wheels with split spoke
  • 100+ mph running speed
  • 3 cell 5000 mAh battery source
  • No assembly required
  • Can connect Android and IOS mobile devices
  • Computerized aerodynamics
  • Has telemetry sensors
  • Aluminum made driving shafts
  • Smooth speed control

What We Didn't like

  • Needs an advanced level of control skills

2. TRAXXAS 70054-1 - Best Electric RC Car For Beginners

Another Best RC Car on the list, another product from Traxxas- the brand. This time, it’s not for plain home lawns anymore. Rather, we’ve picked something that’s for comparatively rougher terrains and hilly tracks. Still, it has the same level of excellence that a good quality Traxxas product should have. Let’s figure them out in details-

TRAXXAS 70054-1.jpg Best Electric RC Car For Beginners

As we’re talking about rough terrains with many obstacles, there will be plenty of bumping ups on the way. So, it needs a premium grade suspension system. To come up with such requirement, the Traxxas 70054-1 Pro 4 Wheel Truck has an individual suspension system. No matter how tough the track is, it will never deviate from its track.

To receive the signals well, it has got a 2.4 GHz transmitter and it will make sure that the receiver will keep receiving signals from the even far most corner of your lawn. Moreover, the receiver is made to be waterproof.

Now, come to the quality of the driving components such as motors. Well, this model from Traxxas contains a 12T 550 Titan modified motor. These are great as shifting the power to wheels and stays cool as long as they have an internal cooling fan. 

As you are looking forward on rough tracks, there is a great chance that dust and dirt will pollute the receiver and speed controller. But not to let it take place, the speed control and receiver are screwed securely to the chassis.

The tired contains a great texture to provide proper grip on the ground. So, overall, we'll rate it as one of the best electric RC cars for beginners.

What We Liked

  • 2.4 GHz radio reception frequency
  • 1.9” large wheel diameter
  • Fully suspension system
  • Great fit for bouncy rough terrains
  • No assembly required
  • Waterproof reception box
  • Powerful 12T 550 modified motor
  • Great tires Grip
  • Securely placed receiver and speed control module

What We Didn't like

  • The process is extremely high

3. TRAXXAS 4X4 BRUSHLESS - Best Brushless RC Car

If you believe that structure is that one thing that makes a product last longer, then Traxxas 4X4 Brushless Short Course Truck is for you. It’s a brushless RC car with a rigid structure, swift control and decent price tag on it. For such a combination of rich features, this is our #3 pick of the list.

TRAXXAS 4X4 BRUSHLESS.jpg Best Brushless RC Car

It's protective against several issues that can harm an RC car's functionalities. Voltage up-downs, water, and other dust are the causes that damage the structure. But this car from Traxxas is protective against of all them.

The body is made of LCG with adjustable rear and front sway bars. The aluminum GTR with titanium nitride-coated shafts makes the body of Traxxas 4X4 Brushless Short Course Truck even stronger.

Now come to the driving quality and controls. The driving unit of this car contains a 2.2 inches split spoke wheel of red beadlock and a diameter of 3.0 inches(inner). The driving system is shaft driven, and it’s a direct drive 4WD. The motor is brushless, and therefore it’s called the best brushless RC car of the list.

The body is made of clear poly-carbonate. So you can do custom paintwork if you want. And no matter whichever color you put on, the rigid and low center chassis will always perform to the fullest. You can go up to 60 mph speed and still have no deviation at the performance. Because of being low-gravity, it won’t stumble upon bumps or obstacles easily.

What We Liked

  • 60+ mph top speed
  • Brushless motor
  • Low gravity rigid chassis
  • Hard anodized c-hubs
  • Shafts are titanium nitride coated
  • Electrically rechargeable
  • No assembly required
  • Can be run and operated by kids with little skills

What We Didn't like

  • No batteries or transmissions included
  • The price could have been less

4. Velocity Toys Remote Control Car - Best RC Car Under 50

Now we've entered into the extremely low pricing zone of this discussion about the remote control. Here in this pick, we've got a car that's as cheap as only about 50 bucks. The name is the Velocity Toys Remote Control Super-car. It’s made of great body parts and has a very powerful motor inside. Let’s find out some more features of this low budget RC car-

Velocity Toys Remote Control Car.jpg Best RC Car Under 50

What’s your expectation of maximum speed from a car of such price range? 5 mph? 10 mph? Well, this car here has a high-speed reach of 15 mph. We’re so amazed when we figured it out. In addition, the frame is built in a way that if it gets in collision with obstacles, it will withstand it very well. Because the body is made of string monocoque type frame. The gearbox is also covered to be safe in its place.

The transmission radio is of 2.4G Hz, which seems pretty normal for a remote-control car. With the radio control, you can access a pro steering. What pro steering means is, you can go both forward and backward seamlessly. To adjust the speed of the car, you can even adjust the front wheel position.

The tire is a great part of the attraction of the whole body. With the red circular stripe on the black tire, it creates the next level of visual appeal. Also, the tires are rubber coated tires will not get affected by the roughness of the track. 

Moving forward, with such building, the Velocity Toys Remote Control Super-car isn’t heavy at all. And when you get all that great features in such a cheap price, it’s something that you would never like to mess.

Give it a try to Velocity Toys Remote Control Racer Super-car. I’m sure you’ll not regret to get the best out of one of the best RC cars under 50.

What We Liked

  • 2.4 GHz radio transmission
  • 15 mph top speed
  • 500 Li=ion battery
  • Pro steering for both forward and reverse motion
  • The tested durability of the body
  • Perfect for outdoor racing or driving
  • Extremely budget friendly
  • Rubber coated tires
  • Can race multiple cars at the same time

What We Didn't like

  • Not for kids of age less than 8 years old

5. TRAXXAS 37054-1 RUSTLER - Best Electric RC Car

You may find hundreds of fancy RC cars in the market, but good ones of them come with a huge price tag. Apparently, meeting the two ends of price and performance is one of the hardest nuts to crack. However, after ample research, we’ve found Traxxas 37054-1 Rustler to be the best electric rc car

TRAXXAS 37054-1 RUSTLER.jpg Best Electric RC Car

It checks the boxes of design, performance, and durability. And the greatest news is, it's off the as low price as Best RC Car under 200. Let's check out what other features it has got-

The first factor that we will praise is its innovative design and engineering. There are four models to choose from, and each of them is unique in terms of color scheme. It's made using the highest-grade components. So, you can leave the worries of durability behind and concentrate on how to operate this RC car.

The Traxxas 37054-1 Rustler has got a 2.4GHz radio system to receive your commands till far distance. 12-turn 550 motors from Titan makes it speeds great. To power up the motors to function, you need a 7 cell NiMH battery. The battery is rechargeable with a 4 amp peak detecting charger.

The entire body is made to be waterproof and protective against dust. If you’re looking the best RC car for the money, this is the shot for you.

What We Liked

  • 4 different designs
  • Innovative design with string components
  • 2.4 GHz radio reception
  • Runs through 7 cell NiMH battery
  • Charges fast with 4 Amp charger
  • Waterproof design
  • Wide tires to prevent upside-down stumbling

What We Didn't like

  • It needs improvement with the suspension

6. Exceed RC Drift Car - Best Remote Control Car For Adults

Love speed? Love style? If both of the answers are positive, then Exceed RC 2.4 Ghz Mad Speed Drift Car is the best RC car for you. It's just the real-time replica of a high-speed cop car, and it will take you to the top level of thrill and excitement.

This car is designed in an awesome level of electronics and body parts. The gravity center is kept as low as possible, so it won't lose it’s balanced, no matter how fast you drive it. The side view mirrors, the LED head lights, the wheels, wings, and exhaust- everything is made to be realistic.

Exceed RC Drift Car.jpg Best Remote Control Car For Adults

Moving forward to the performance, it’s drifting is marked to be one of the best of cheap RC cars. The remote control is through the 2.4 GHz pistol transmitter and in charge of the driving force, a couple of 3000 KV brushless motor is in charge. 

The steering servo is as high power as 3 KG. So, you can drive it fast and seamless. But in case it gets in collision with anything, there is a flam bumper added to protect it from damage. No matter how rough you drive it, it won’t withstand every track.

But as the car is a good drifting car, it’s not a great pick for kids. So, we recognized it as the best remote-control car for adults. For kids, we have a lot of products covered throughout the whole article.

Lastly, we’re in deep love with this awesomely designed car and hope you’ll feel same about it too!

What We Liked

  • Molded composite chassis
  • Independent suspension
  • 280 3000 KV motor in power
  • Great speed control
  • A great drift car
  • High torque motor with the engine
  • Low center of gravity
  • Detailed parts of the body
  • Easy access to front and rear balls

What We Didn't like

  • Not a great car for kids

Exceed mad speed rc car review


If speed is the ultimate desire of yours, you might be a fan of super speedy RC cars. Therefore, at his point of the review, we’ve got something that we call the best fast RC car. The model is Exceed RC Electric Drift-star RTR Drift Car. No matter it's the engine power or the dynamic building of the body, this RC car is all set to go as fast as you want it to do.


The drive system is in four-wheel. What it means is, instead of two-wheel drive systems, four of the wheels will have driving force once you press the forward button. Also, the beautifully designed front-rear camber and the toe-in that come with the model is really praiseworthy.

The motor inside is the RC 540 motor. The drive shaft that's attached to the motor is made of anodized aluminum. The long driveshaft will help to get a fast speed that Exceeds RC Electric Drift-star RTR Drift Car has.

We love this best RC car as one of the fastest ones within budget. You can have a look if you desire to run a fast RC car right on the lawn.

What We Liked

  • The beautiful yellow sports car design
  • Great speed with the RC 540 motor
  • Long and stable aluminum coated drive shaft
  • Great front and rear differentials
  • 2.4 GHz radio transmitter
  • Good drifter

What We Didn't like

  • No color variation to choose from

Exceed rc drift star review


Often, the size of the cars tends to create problems in crawling rocky surfaces at outdoors. Because of the metal large body, the car gets in trouble to maintain its balance. Keeping that in mind, we've elected a car with over sized tires. The product is Maisto Rock Crawler 3XL Radio Control Vehicle.


The Maisto Rock Crawler 3XL Radio Control Vehicle is the best RC rock crawler for certain reasons. The body of the car may not create that much visual appeal, but the performance of the car is outstanding. Especially when you're racing with your friends in a rocky backyard. 

This over-sized RC crawling car is light in weight and tough inbuilt. It's approximately 15 inches long and the driving is powered in four wheels. To make sure that it doesn't stumble upon any rocks, there is an articulated spring suspension provided in the car.

When you’re racing outdoors, you may think about the distance of the control. But stay calm, as long as this 2.4 GHz remote can control it swiftly from a distance of 50 meters.

You won't like to waste the thrill of recharging, will you? So, to make sure that your racing RC car gets fully recharged in a minimum amount of time, Maisto Rock Crawler 3XL Radio Control Vehicle is made in such a way. It will take not more than 45 minutes to get recharged.

As best RC rock crawler, our vote is for Maisto Rock Crawler 3XL Radio Control Vehicle. What about you?

What We Liked

  • Light in weight, and strong in design
  • Made with over sized tires
  • Articulated spring suspension
  • 2.4 GHz radio frequency
  • Steering alignment
  • Charges in less than 45 minutes
  • The best crawler for rocky surfaces

What We Didn't like

  • Not for kids under 10 years of age

9. HOLY STONE RC RACE CAR - Best RC Car For Toddlers

We’ve got several products that are made for racing or outdoor sports. But at #9, it’s time for something for kids. Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car is another best RC cars for toddlers and we liked the features of this car in every way. The car is small and made to look adorable with toddlers.

HOLY STONE RC RACE CAR.jpg Best RC Car For Toddlers

No matter it's a baby boy or girl, they will surely love the visual of this car. It's lightning fast, and surely is an ultimate source of fun.

To entertain your baby to the fullest, there are many ways implemented in this toy. It has music, honking sounds, and flashing headlights. With such source of entertainment, the Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car will surely turn to be your kids’ favorite toy car.

Your kid can have a firm control on the movement of the car. It can be taken to forward and reverse motion. To add more realistic flavor to the car, it has a removable action figure right in the front seat of the car.

Babies will surely be a fan of the Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car.

What We Liked

  • The best creation of rc car for toddlers
  • Lighting fast
  • Colorful, shiny design
  • Both forward and reverse motion
  • Honking sound and music
  • Lightning flash for additional fun
  • Very budget friendly

What We Didn't like

  • Has an issue with the durability


Now it's something really cool. An RC car that is almost a replica of the gorgeous Ford Mustang RTR. If you're a car lover, I'm sure you're a crazy fan of Ford Mustang. And the way this little mini Mustang is made is surely left your jaw dropped.


The official name of this model is HPI RACING E10 DRIFT VAUGHN GITTIN JR. MONSTER. But let’s call it the mini Ford Mustang for now. It’s stylish, it’s gorgeous and that’s what we loved about this product.

Moving forward to the technical details as an RC car, we were not unhappy. The best part of its technical features is the officially licensed nitro NT05. Combined with the hard compound drift tires, it has turned to be one of the best RC drift cars on the market.

We particularly admire the way the tires are made. If you can control it properly, it will create an amazing turn of drift on any surface. And guess what! You can leave all your competitor racers jaw-dropped.

The radio control system of the car is just like other cars. The transmitter of the radio controller is of 2.4 GHz and that’s enough for a far-distance comfortable control.

The speed controller inside the car is made to waterproof. So, no matter how much fog or moisture or dust is in the air, it won't damage inside.

We loved this superb miniature RC car of Ford Mustang. Hope you'll be among us.

What We Liked

  • Powered by Nitro NT05
  • Extra thread tires for extra nitro
  • Made to be a mini-Mustang
  • Powered by 7.2v NiMH battery
  • 2.4 GHz strong transmitter
  • Smooth and accurate control till distance
  • A great visual appeal

What We Didn't like

  • The price would be less in next versions, we hope

11. Exceed RC Electric Off Road Buggy - Best RC Buggy

The Exceed RC Sun fire EP Buggy is stuffed with heaps of highlights that will give long periods of activity pressed rough terrain crushing. The 2.4 ghz transmitter and recipient framework guarantees you will have fantastic correspondence among driver and vehicle. The transmitter likewise permits double rate changes for throttle and directing so you can tweak the power conveyance and controlling control of this surrey. We have chosen this one as the best rc buggy

Exceed RC Electric Off Road Buggy.jpg Best RC Buggy

The power-prepare is fortified and will deal with extraordinary landscape. Metal adapted front and back differentials are driven by an aluminum focus driveshaft and disseminates the ability to each of the four wheels.

The power office is taken care of by a swiped 540 engine and bolstered by a 7.2v 1800 mah Ni-Mh battery along charger included. Camber and finger settings are movable by means of turnbuckle linkages which enable you to make exact modifications for the landscape your carriage is crushing through.

The high down power wing and bumpy tires guarantees this surrey is planted to the ground at high speeds. This surrey turns out the case totally prepared to keep running except for 4 AA batteries for the transmitter. Just haul the carriage out, charge the battery and your prepared agreeable the obscure.


It has Aluminum focus drive shaft, Powerful 540 Brushed Motor, Powerful Electronic Speed Controller, Large strong aluminum stun towers, High execution front/raise differentials, Adjustable front and back suspension, Anodized aluminum radio plate, Oil filled movable stuns, Off street bumpy tires and Stylish rough terrain wing.

What We Liked

  • Aluminum focus drive shaft
  • Great 540 Brushed Motor
  • Great Electronic Speed Controller
  • Vast strong aluminum stun towers
  • Superior front/raise differentials

What We Didn't like

  • Not Durable, elusive parts

12. KidiRace RC Police Car - Best remote-control police car

Love cop cars? Do the whistles and those black and white smell of power reach thrill to your mind? Well, KidiRace RC Remote Control Police Car is made right for you. It’s solid, purposeful and best remote-control police car of the town. Let’s take you through the detailed features-

KidiRace RC Police Car.jpg Best remote-control police car

The best thing about KidiRace RC Remote Control Police Car is, it's made only for kids. They will find it attractive, easy and cool to ride on with the remote. Some of the greatest facts of this RC car is, you don't have to do that much of complicacy to run the KidiRace RC Remote Control Police Car.

The sirens are realistic, the alignment is adjustable and the rubber tires are made to be drift-able. To take it one more step closer to the reality, it had been added with a couple of flashlights. 

As any best RC cars, the KidiRace RC Remote Control Police Car uses 2.4GHz transmission technology. If you want to get a real-time racing, 6 of these cars can be placed in a race. There will be no interference at all.

There is some amazing improvement in the recharge feature of this one. You can recharge it with even a USB cable from any USB power source. It will have a set of built-in rechargeable battery. The battery power won't power your car for more than 30 minutes. We consider it to be a drawback and the manufacturer should consider it to upgrade to the next versions.

What We Liked

  • A real-time replica of police cars
  • Easy to control for kids
  • Sleeky cop car design
  • Can put up to 6 cars in the race
  • Smooth and firm control
  • Can be charged from USB
  • Real-time lightning

What We Didn't like

  • Poor battery backup

13. RASTAR La Ferrari RC Car - Best Remote Control Car for Kids

At the end of the list, we’ve got one of the most beautiful best remote control cars for kids. It’s a replica of Ferrari and once your kid has it in hands, he’ll surely fall in love with it. The model is called RASTAR La Ferrari Remote Control Model Car and here we go with the features of it-

There are two models with difference in colors of this little Ferrari. It’s a licensed Ferrari. Many of the features like the window, the rear glass, the body- everything is almost close the real-life Ferrari.

The car is completely radio controlled, and the motion includes everything like forwarding, backward, left and right motions. So, if you're good at driving cars remotely, you can move it in any direction and track. 

The rear and headlights are other features that took it close to real Ferrari. We won’t say that the performance is great of this car. But as long as the design is considered, we would definitely keep it on our shortlist.

Once you see it In real, you’ll be thinking so.

What We Liked

  • Two available colors
  • Real-time replica of Ferrari
  • Spring suspension
  • Awesome headlights and rear lights
  • Opening doors like a Ferrari
  • A wide motion of movement provided

What We Didn't like

  • Not as good to be taken into an RC car race

14. Maisto Red Bull RB10 Racing - Best rc Car under 100

The auto looks extremely decent. The electric engine whimpers like the F1 cars. Super Fun , Mine accompanied number 44 L. Hamilton , Nice Detail and Paint . Not all that much range , Super fun in the event that you are going to utilized it inside .

Maisto-Infiniti-Red-Bull-RB10-Radio-Control-Car.jpg Best rc car under 100

This Fast RC Car Under 100 Runs super cool in the city. It is speedier than any normal RC in addition to it is tough with the exception of the front wing which is delicate. Not appropriate for unpleasant child .


Vast 1:14 Scale, Differential Gearbox, Full-Function Radio Control, Steering Alignment harmony, Styles may change between number 44: Hamilton or number 6: Roseberg.

What We Liked

  • Publicized as Lewis Hamilton
  • The auto is shockingly fast
  • Battery life appears to be great
  • Looks extraordinary, pleasant detail
  • Full-Function Radio Control
  • Steering Alignment Adjustment

What We Didn't like

  • Not suitable under 8 years child.

A Complete Buying Guide for Your Best RC Cars

Let’s get one point straight- RC car is great. But once you get in the market to get one for your kid, you never can know which brand and model would be perfect for you. Because there are so many of them available with their own advertisement of shiny and effective features.

To give you a hand in making the decision, our experts have come up with an extensive buying guide below-

  • Chose the Right Type of RC Car

There are enough of the RC car types to turn you confused about which one to choose. Here we are with a detailed discussion on them-

The classification can be done in many perspectives. The first one of them is the gas and the electric ones. Gas driven cars don't run on anything like gasoline. But they run on nitro hobby fuel. The fuel is available at any local hobby shop.

On the other hands, the electric ones are the most conventional ones and almost all of the best RC cars on the list are electric. They run on rechargeable batteries and you need nothing but to recharge them as they are empty.

 Some of the RC cars are cars, some other are trucks. We've tried to keep both of them in this list and you'll see the differences clear. Among both of these, there is a variation of types and customization. There are police cars, F1 cars, mini replica cars and so on. On the other hand, there are monster trucks, there are stadium trucks and there are trailer trucks.
  • Have A Look At the Body

The body is, of course, the most visual part of the car. And you can't deny that you won't like to have an RC car with great motor and a bad body. 
 There is two sort of bodies till today in the market- plastic ones and metallic ones. Metallic body RC vehicles will be more expensive and they will turn the car slow. In the other hand, the plastic made RC car bodies are light and compact. With the same motor power, you can run faster and smoother. If you are about to race with your RC car, we recommend you to go with the plastic ones.

  • The Realistic Features

RC cars need not be realistic- some of us users may think of that. But what I think is something different. As we're doing it all for entertainment, there should be real-time features that boost up the entertainment. 

Among the real-time features, we consider the monitors, the sound, and the smoke first. The loudness of the sound is another fact as well. And for cars that create smoke as it starts, where it needs to have a recoil system.

A Guide to Cleaning RC Cars

Every time you take your remote-controlled car out, dirt, dust and other pollutants are there to make it dirty. And if your car is a racing car, there is more chance of it. But worry not, cleaning it isn’t a massive task, as long as you know the right way to do it.

  • Step 1: The best way to start the cleaning is to remove the bigger chunk of dirt with a rinse of water. Most of the electric parts of the body are made to be waterproof nowadays. So, no worries about getting the electronics damaged.
  • Step 2: Afterwards, go for cleaning even the tougher part of the dirt. Take a solution of warm water and regular cleaning solution. Washing the car with such solution will loosen up the grease, oil, and fuel.
  • Step 3: To make it look shiny and glassy again, you have to do one last thing. You can take a glass cleaning agent and a piece of soft fabric. Take a spoof of the cleaner on the fabric and clean the parts that are still affected by dirt.

Cleaning the RC car isn't so hard. But we recommend that you do that by a pair of expert hands. Because while cleaning the detailed and complex part of the body, you need to be careful about it. For painted body and ABS body shells, you need to use special car polish as an extension cleaner.

A List of Safety Measures While Playing with RC Cars

Good quality RC cars nowadays are designed with optimal safety features in it. But still, as they are going to be held and operated by kids and toddlers, a few more safety concern is required. Here we’ve listed a few of them-

  • Check Your Kid’s Age Compatibility All the cars have a remote control, and that doesn't mean that anyone with the control in hand will be able to operate it swiftly. Based on the number of controls, there is age classification for RC cars. In the list above, you will find RC cars for toddlers, and RC cars for even adults. Both are made by keeping the user’s age in mind. Before you get yours one, make sure it’s okay for kids of your one’s age.
  • Never Play on The Roads with Real Vehicles RC cars are made to be on the road, but when start to play it on the road where there is actual traffic, it’s nothing more than stupidity. Both your car and the real cars on the road may reach trouble for it. And to be straight, the troubles are more likely to happen to your car.
  • Avoid RC Car Driving in Wet Environment
    I know that they put ‘waterproof’ as a label of every RC cars in the market. But still, I would not recommend to play it in a wet environment. An unsealed RC car may get you electric shot when handled wet.
  • Beware of the Instruction Manual The manual has always detailed guideline for driving than anything else. But few of us actually feel interested in it. I mean, instead of the exciting car itself, who likes to go through loads of texts?
     But to be frank, if you're not aware of the manual, that is going to reach trouble to you and your car. Especially when you're driving it for the first few times, the risk is even more.  

Bottom Line

Pat your back, you’ve just finished a 6000 words review of 14 of the best remote control cars of the market. Hope the unbiased reviews along with the buying guide had been helpful enough to get you your best fit of RC car.

Don't Forget to read also about Best RC Truck Review. Enjoy the thrill!

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