5 Best RC Truck of 2018-19 [Reviews With Comparison Inside]

If you are looking to get the Best RC truck, it's important to consider several things. To ensure you don't find yourself with a design you will not be happy with. Since remote control monster trucks are available in numerous sizes and shapes, picking the right one to meet your needs might appear to be a difficult function, but it really doesn't need to be.

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Best RC Truck Review

To begin with it is important to study different models of RC monster trucks and skim ratings to go to what actual purchasers like and dislike about each. Top-Rated remote control monster trucks mentioned underneath are a number of the finest you can choose the right one.

However, as this is an emerging industry, there are hundreds of models and brands out there in case you buy it from the superstore. With an external view, you will never know how effective or features of a car actually is. So, to buy one for your purpose, you need an expert to help.

And that’s what we’ve done in this article for you.

Top RC Trucks Comparison Chart






Redc​​​​at R​​​​acing Nitro Semi Truck


2.5 mm aluminum chassis

Nitro 3.5cc

Traxxas 77076-4 X-Maxx


Composite Nylon Tub

RTR X-Maxx Motor

Distant Electric Off-road RC Car


Monster Truck RTR 1:18

390 motor

Hosim All-Terrain RC Car S911

(Best Pick)


1/12 Scale Offroad Design

brush 390 motor

Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Truck


Polycarbonate Body

27T 540 Motor

Most recommended rc trucks

1. Redcat Racing Earthquake Semi Truck - Best Nitro RC Truck

Want to see a car with real Nitro in action? Wait no more, because here at this point, we’ve got Redcat Racing Earthquake Semi Truck from the brand Redcat Racing. The brand has a reputation for producing racing grade remote control cars and this car is one of their best.

Redcat Racing Earthquake Semi Truck.jpg Best Nitro RC Truck

Redcat Racing Earthquake Semi Truck is a Nitro vehicle and needs real fuel and a glow plug ignitor to generate the nitro. To get the most out of the nitro experience, you need to put 12 AA batteries. This may sound costly, but once you get it on the action, it surely worth it.

The 3.5 cc high power engine will pull start the car, and the 4-wheel drive will set it at high-speed racing. To have a swift control over the track, you have a 2-speed transmitter, the suspension of this car is made in a special way. It's adjustable suspension and can be set as the type of the track. To give the suspension a real-time touch, the shock absorbers are oil filled.

To make sure that it receives the signal well, there is a 2.4 GHz frequency of radio controller. You can run more than one vehicle at a time with the remote control if you're good at it.

Lastly, there are options to choose from four different color combinations.

What We Liked

  • Extremely powerful 3.5 cc engine
  • Read Nitro with nitro fuel
  • Oil filled shock absorber
  • Great suspension
  • Large and wide tires
  • 2.4 GHz radio frequency
  • Can be remote controlled multiple cars at a time
  • Dual speed transmission

What We Didn't like

  • 12 AA batteries may be over-costly
  • Not so smooth to control for kids under 8 years of age

2. Traxxas 77076-4 X-Maxx - Best Remote Control Monster Truck

Want a real-time mini version of monster cars? Well, they are just got out of the pc games and in the market for sale. We're talking about Traxxas 77076-4 X-Maxx Electric Monster Truck and it’s really a treat for eyes. Also, when you get them in action, you’ll feel no better. This is out 2nd pick of the list of 5, and we’re going to explain the features in details-

Traxxas 77076-4 X-Maxx.jpg Best Remote Control Monster Truck

The radio controller of this car is of 2.4GHz and the motor is a brushless electric motor. Both motor and radio controller earned a token of appreciation from users and expert analyzers. But there are some innovative and unique features that we would like to talk about-

Firstly, it’s the exclusive self-lifting action. It can turn back the car as it falls upside down. This is really rare among such cars in the market. All you have to do is to press the button from the transmitter.

The body is so easy to mount and demount. It needs just one hand to get done with it. Also, it can eliminate body posts and pins. Also, there is a shock tower that serves as a source of support for handles and levels.

Lastly, our impression would be the design. Just like a real-time monster truck looks like, it has wide and large tires to withstand rough tracks. The design is made to be rough and tough, and surely you’re going to like it as a user.

What We Liked

  • Great stability management system implemented
  • High-speed electric built
  • Powered by a brushless motor
  • 2.4 GHz radio transmitter frequency
  • Runs by Lipo 5000 mAh battery
  • Painted details in the body
  • Great spring suspension

What We Didn't like

  • Body parts aren’t detailed
  • Needs a good amount of time at recharging

3. Distant Electric RC Truck - Best Electric RC Truck

We’ve moved on to a slightly costlier zone right now. As our pic of best electric rc truck, we've elected Distant Electric RC truck. Now with such a price, there is, of course, something that you get with it. And that is its off-road drifting and driving capability.

Distant Electric RC Truck.jpg Best Electric RC Truck

When you drive an RC truck off road, there are a couple of problems that are supposed to bother the journey. First of all, it's the obstacles and bumps, and secondly, it's the shocks and vibrations. Well, the good news is Distant Electric RC truck is made by keeping both of them in mind.

Distant Electric RC Truck can get a top speed of 30 mph in almost a few seconds. Because a 390 motor and a set of rechargeable batteries are in charge of the driving force. 

What comes next is the suspension of the car. As we said earlier, there will be a lot of bumps that your car need to come over. The suspension is made to be shock-proof. Each of the wheels is made to have its own spring. Also, these tires are wide enough and have extra deep threads on them. So they will surely put a stronger grip on the ground, exactly something that an off-road RC car should have.

To make sure that it doesn't get offended by the shocks and vibration of the rough track, all the materials and elements are made to be durable. The reinforced materials are great to get over any surfaces. So, you can run it on grass landscape, sand, yard or anywhere you want.

With the sensitive 2.4 GHz remote control, you will have a swift control over it till 100 meters. So, if you want to compete with your friend’s cars, go ahead will full confidence. Distant Electric RC Car won’t let you down, we’re sure about it.

What We Liked

  • 30 mph maximum speed
  • 2.4 GHz radio reception frequency
  • Shockproof body structure
  • Wide tires with deep threads
  • Long lasting playtime with 2 rechargeable batteries
  • Smooth control till 100 meters
  • A great RC car for off-road driving

What We Didn't like

  • No other colors/versions to chose from

4. HOSIM All-Terrain RC Truck 9112 - Best RC Truck Under 100

Saw the movie, Mad Max? Remember the hazy giant truck on the desert? I like them a lot. And on that note, I liked the HOSIM All-Terrain RC Car 9112 as well. Because it just reminds me of the off-road trucks of the movie.

HOSIM All-Terrain RC Car 9112 is one of our best off-road RC car models. The best part of this car is the wide and threadful tires. As off-road hunting needs a wide tire that can create more grip on the ground, this is a great pick to go.

HOSIM All-Terrain RC Truck 9112.jpg Best RC Truck Under 100

Just because it's off the road doesn't mean that it can't be applicable for high-speed races. The top speed of this car is 38 km/h, which is pretty admirable as an RC car under 100 dollars. For the speed of this car, the greatest reason is the powerful motor inside. It has got a 390 motor and that's enough to go at 38 km/h speed, even on grass.

Now as we are talking about off road cars, there would be a very relevant question of suspension. But not to worry at all, as the manufacturer has embedded their S-ruck suspense inside this HOSIM All-Terrain RC Car 9112.

No matter how much rough the way is, HOSIM All-Terrain RC Car 9112 will be our best choice for Cheap RC Truck List also. Let's wait till you read the highlighted features-

What We Liked

  • Fast and swift 38 km/h speed
  • 2.4 GHz radio transmission
  • A wide remote-control range of 260 feet
  • A ready to the runner on the off-road
  • S-truck suspension for premium grade suspense
  • Great monster design
  • Great fit for both kids and adults
  • Can play in any weather

What We Didn't like

  • Not fully waterproof

5. Redcat Racing Volcano Truck - Best Off-Road RC Truck

Just now we’ve talked about the best miniature of Ford Mustang of the market. So why not about a mini truck? Yeah, we’ve got Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Truck as the best off-road rc truck on the list. It's monstrous, it’s great in design, and it's best for off-road racing.

Redcat Racing Volcano Truck.jpg Best Off-Road RC Truck

One of the finest features of this truck is, it contains a brushed motor of 27T 540 series. As the truck is made to perform off the road, the torque value is made to be high. The servo motors will surely take it through any sort of rocks or obstacles easily.

The transmission is another piece of art of this Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Truck. It contains a 7.2v battery of 2000mAh. Having such a heavyweight battery in this car will let you enjoy driving for at least one hour.

The radio is a huge one in this case. It will need to have 8 AA batteries. This might be a little expensive. But we don't think that won't be a big issue to consider.

What We Liked

  • Powered by 27T 540 motor
  • High torque servo motors
  • Oil filled shock absorbers
  • Made of pure polycarbonate
  • 2.4 GHz radio transmitter
  • Strongly built to survive shocks and vibrations
  • Made for heavyweight racing

What We Didn't like

  • Requires a good amount of maintenance

Bottom Line

The various features of remote control monster include things like the usability. Nearly all of these now are provided equipped to use all you have to do is open your box and start playing. Quality of the Best RC Truck has additionally increased in recent times, which means that the one you opt to obtain will last longer and provide you with increased benefits for your cash.

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  1. The choice of buying a gas-powered or electrical RC truck is always based on your needs and wants, as well as where you will play the toy. You should always remember that gas-powered trucks are noisy and are not suggested for quiet and small neighborhoods. Nonetheless, they can be good for racing competitions and exhibition shows.

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