Best Jigsaw Tool Review [Buying Guide Inside]

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6 Best Jigsaw 2019

You Won’t Believe What We’ve Found

Hi! Woodworkers.

Do you think that you need many big and expensive stationary tools for your excellent woodworking? But you don’t need to overspend on different tools if you only have the best jigsaw tool to do almost all of the woodworking.

Yes, it’s true!

Can you imagine how convenient and comfortable it would be if you have a simple jigsaw for all your DIY or small projects, without having to depend on many tools to have your woodworking in the way you desire!

No matter you need to use the tool for small home-projects or extended use in your work-site, a jigsaw is undoubtedly a highly versatile and adaptable tool for woodworking.

Sounds great, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, finding out the best quality jigsaw isn’t a walk in the park. It’s because the market is over-flooded with loads of different jigsaw power tool models and brands.

No worry!

Below are our honest and detailed reviews of the top 6 jigsaws. Read along and discover what you’ve been missing all these years.

Don’t have enough time to read until the end? Check Below our best picks.

Our Top Pick
Best Rated JigsawConsidering the features and their real-life benefits, we’ve chosen Botch Jigsaw JS470E as our quick pick. It’s incredibly well built, a leader in the design, unrivaled in quality, and frankly one of the top-rated Jigsaws on the market. If you are really in search of the best quality jigsaw with a high-end configuration, then this is an awesome tool.

And if you’re not in a tight budget, we’ll suggest you Makita XVJ03Z Jigsaw.

Our Budget Pick
Best Corded JigsawBLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C is our budget pick from today’s list of high-quality jigsaw. Although, while sorting out on purpose-driven parameters, this jigsaw from the brand Black & Decker caught our attention for its rich array of features for an extremely low price. In fact, it’s at the top of our jigsaw list below 100.

Why Do You Actually Need A Jigsaw Tool?

Let us go-ahead by answering this question.

Basically, there are three power tools available to cut curves in wood.

  • A table saw is a great tool for woodworking, but one big limitation of this tool is- it can’t cut curve.
  • A scroll saw is very useful to cut complex and tight curves in thin wood/ materials only.
  • A band saw is an excellent tool for cutting curves in wood, but it’s not useful for cutting holes.

So, What About A JIGSAW? Is It BETTER Than A Table Saw, Scroll Saw, And Band Saw?

Well, Essentially, a jigsaw is one of the most flexible cutting tools. Today’s jigsaw ideas include several technologies and various types of blade to ensure that you get the best results when cutting with these tools. You can use it to cut through wood, even ceramics. And you can do this very conveniently and comfortably with this tool.

Jigsaw offers variable speeds. You can adjust the speed as required. Slower speed reduces burning as cuts. On the other hand, a fast speed is useful for pine and other softwoods.

With this tool, you can cut not only a precise straight line but also curves at different angles. Inside the opening, circular out cuts, furniture trimming and so on aren’t the problem with this tool. The advanced portable designs and affordable prices are added factors that make these tools so popular.

Best Jigsaws For The Money – For Every Budget

Our dedicated team has spent hours to find, analyze and test many brands to recommend the best and top quality jigsaw model. We also research the web and lots of real user comments to represent reliable information about the products.

And finally, we’ve created a shortlist of 6 best quality jigsaw. These models are all so good that you won’t regret choosing any of the following ones.

1. Bosch JS470E – Best Rated Jigsaw

Best Rated Jigsawbest rated jigsaw


  • Power-source- Corded-electric,
  • SPM- 500 to 3,100,
  • Voltage- 120V,
  • Motor – 7.0 amps,
  • Weight – 10.1 pounds.

Cutting capacity:

  • Up to 5 to 7/8 inches (Wood),
  • Up to 7/8-inch (aluminum),
  • Up to 3/8-inch (mild steel),
  • Maximum bevel cut angle-  45-degree.

Top Features At A Glance:

  • Top amp rated motor,
  • The tool-less blade-replacing system,
  • Four orbital-action settings,
  • Constant response circuitry,
  • A variable speed control,
  • Double-dealing lock-on button,
  • A sturdy and large foot with steel insert,
  • A dust blower,
  • An ergonomically designed to handle.

Product Overview

The first product on our list is the Bosch Jigsaw JS470E. Bosch is one of the global brands that has gained an enormous reputation for power tools and power accessories with engineering excellence. And Bosch Jigsaw JS470E is no different at all.

JS470E is quite significant compared to its typical competitor models for DIY projects and workshop. This jigsaw comes with many user-comfort oriented features. While other models have more or fewer issues with the blade-change system, JS470E has a tool-less blade-change system to face the challenge. The tool-less blade-change system eliminates the need to touch hot saw blade. Convenient, isn’t it?

It’s a 4-in-1 unit that features four orbital-action tool settings. Its blade orbit selector offers different blade strokes to smooth to aggressive cut. So, you can adjust the blade orbit for the right blade strokes and maximum cutting efficiency.

This tool incorporates the Constant Response Circuitry that helps to maintain your desired cutting speed.  The low vibration design along with the internal precision-machined plunging system ensures accuracy and precision. It makes the tool perfect for smooth operation in a variety of jobs.

The variable speed accelerator trigger ensures accurate operating speed regulation. There is also a sturdy die-cast foot with steel insert which can withstand forces up to 546 pounds. It offers a stable and secure cut. So, no need to be worried about the inconsistencies in precision and performance.

The JS470E also features a double-dealing lock-on button and soft-grip top handle. It provides the user with long steady cuts with comfort. You won’t feel fatigued to work with this tool for a long time. The soft grip top-handle will provide you a steady hold and reduce fatigue.

What’s more, there is an adjustable dust blower lever. So, no matter you cut wood or sawdust, the cutting line will remain clear in spite of producing large amounts of dust. Its hex-wrench storage is a nice option to work conveniently.

Lastly, with 10.1 pound weight, JS470E is not easy to carry around. But you can always rest assured that this saw will always deliver superior performance when called upon.


  • Industrial class design that can withstand the rough work-site conditions,
  • Excellent precision and accuracy, perfect for any DIY or even professional,
  • Comfortable, convenient, adjustable and powerful.


  • No LED light or kerf mark to help manage the cut,
  • Too heavy to carry around.

2. Dewalt DC330B – Best Cordless Jigsaw

Best Cordless Jigsawbest cordless jigsaw


  • Power-source – battery-powered,
  • Voltage – 18V,
  • SPM – 0 to 3,000,
  • Stroke length – 1″,
  • Weight – 5.73 pounds,
  • Key-less shoe bevel angle- 0-, 15-, 30-, and 45 –degree.

Top Features At A Glance:

  • A variable speed-dial,
  • 4-position orbital action,
  • All-metal keyless shoe bevel,
  • A key-less blade-change system,
  • All-metal lever-action,
  • All-metal keyless shoe bevel,
  • An adjustable dust blower,
  • Anti-slip comfort grip,
  • Top-handle, anti-slip comfort grip,
  • UL and CSA Safety listed.

Product Overview

Now at the second pick of our review, we’ve got DC330B Cordless Jigsaw from another leading brand DEWALT. If you survey on random woodworkers and ask them to name of the most popular jigsaw, the chances are that DEWALT will be among their top 6.

And DEWALT `deserves so because from 1924 this company continues to design professional tools and accessories to ensure absolute confidence for the toughest job site conditions. There is always something special about DEWALT products. Dewalt DC330B Cordless Jigsaw is no different.

Don’t believe me?

Well, a closer look at the features and price tag of Dewalt DC330B will show you that this is one of the best quality jigsaws on the market.

No tangled cords anymore!

It’s completely cordless. But with its high-performance motor and 18-volt battery power, you don’t need to sacrifice performance for cordless convenience. So, you can run it everywhere and move freely without any effect on the performance.

This battery-powered tool can deliver variable speeds ranging from 0-3000 SPM. It makes this tool highly versatile over a wide range of materials with relative ease and faster straight or curves cut. So, you won’t face any problem to cut even nail-embedded wood.

Additionally, it offers tool-free all-metal shoe bevel with the detent at 0, 15, 30 and 45-degree. Thus, it provides versatility and adjustment for easy bevel cutting. Its 4-position orbital action lets you match the speed and cut quality.

But that’s not all…

It comes in an ergonomic design with easy to use top handle. Its anti-slip grip significantly reduces fatigue when working on heavy-duty materials. So, you can use the saw for hours without experiencing user fatigue.

As if that is not enough…

The Dewalt DC330B features a keyless blade change that allows for safe, fast and easy blade replacements. You can change the blades in seconds. It’ll increase the productivity in the workshop and will enable you to complete your projects within the stipulated time.

Lastly, the DW788 comes with an adjustable dust blower. It’ll keep the cut line clear of chips. And it’ll subsequently improve the accuracy of cuts. Moreover, it comes with a removable show cover that protects it from scratches.


  • Professional quality, great saw at a good price,
  • Handy, powerful, solid and straightforward,
  • Cuts great and accurate with many adjustments.


  • No onboard light to help manage the cut,
  • It doesn’t come with battery and charger.

3. SKIL 4495-02 Cheap Jigsaw

Cheap Jigsawcheap jigsaw


  • Power-source- Corded-electric,
  • SPM- 800 to 3,250,
  • Stroke Length  3/4 inch,
  • Voltage- 120V,
  • Motor – 6.0 amps,
  • Weight – 5 pounds.

Cutting capacity:

  • Up to 2 inches (Wood),
  • Up to 1/2-inch (aluminum),
  • Up to 1/4-inch (steel),
  • Bevel Capacity: +/- 45 Degrees.

Top Features At A Glance:

  • A variable speed-dial,
  • 4-position orbital cut control,
  • Built-in laser guide,
  • Custom molded tool rest design,
  • Tool-less blade change,
  • Tool-less foot adjustment.

Product Overview

If you’re looking for a high-quality jigsaw at an affordable price, SKIL 4495-02 Corded Jigsaw is a great option for you. In fact, to make outdoor work easy, 4495-02 can be a practical addition to your home.

Firstly, the saw comes in a unique rounded outlook design. This rounded shape with ergonomic designed large grip makes the unit comfortable to handle. No matter, your hand is big or small, you won’t feel fatigued to work with it for a longer time.

But that’s just the beginning…

This tool offers you both power and precision. If your jigsaw damages your woodworking due to unwanted cuts, SKIL 4495-02 is the jigsaw you should give a try. Thanks to its custom-molded rest design. It prevents the sharp blade from damaging your materials from unwanted and unintended cuts.

Here comes the best part of SKIL 4495-02. This tool features a built-in –laser guide which is rarely found in any jigsaw of its class. The built-in–laser guide provides much more accuracy in the straight cut. Thus, this tool will lead your project on step ahead with its maximum accuracy in cutting.

 Wait! It doesn’t end there.

The saw comes with a 6.0 amp motor. It’s quite powerful to handle a wide range of materials. Additionally, it has variable speed control that let you adjust the speed according to your need to cut varieties of material you are working on. Also, the 4-position orbital cut control lets you modify your settings to meet the requirements of your project.

What’s more amazing is that in spite of having those lots of useful features, the saw is extremely affordable. Nevertheless, the low-price tag has nothing to do with its high-performance.


  • Easy to use speed adjustment controls,
  • Excellent durability and toughness,
  • Neat, clean, and precise cuts,
  • Vibration and noise-free.


  • Not suitable for professional use.

4. Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 – Best Under 100

Best Jigsaw Under 100best under 100


  • Power-source- battery-powered,
  • SPM- up to 2,400,
  • Stroke length-  1-inch,
  • Weight – 4.6 pounds,
  • Maximum bevel cut angle-  45-degree.

Top Features At A Glance:

  • A tool-less blade change system,
  • Ergonomic D-shaped handle  with Soft Grip,
  • Three mode orbital-action settings,
  • LED light system,
  • 45 Degree cutting angle,
  • On-Tool blade storage.

Product Overview

The fourth product on our list is one of the best power tools under 100. It’s none other than the Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 Cordless Jigsaw. It’s an ideal jigsaw for budget-conscious handymen who are still looking for something best-quality at an affordable price.

The Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 is an excellent companion for any DIY user or workshop. This jigsaw provides far much better-cutting results compared to many well-established brands. This cordless tool is ideal for small and light applications. You can work with it even on hardboards or steel sheets. It supports no-load speeds up to 2400 strokes per minute.

It’s exceptionally lightweight. At 4.6 pounds bare-tool weight, the jigsaw boasts a fairly lightweight footprint without compromising on performance. Additionally, this saw comes with an ergonomic D-shaped handle that features a nice grip that provides fatigue-free use.

Another useful feature of this tool is its LED work light. It ensures better visibility on the work-piece by illuminating the cut line. So, you can cut even precise line even in poor lighting conditions.

The saw comes with three orbital settings. It allows the user to achieve accurate cut with ultimate efficiency in a wide range of materials. What’s more amazing is that if you need to cut at a different angle, this jigsaw will let you tilt up to 45-degree angle to achieve the perfect angle for bevel cuts.

Is that all? Of course not…

This tool features an on-tool blade holder that can hold up to 6 blades. Replacing blades is a breeze with its tool-less blade change system. You can safely install or replace new blades within seconds.

Do you need to learn more to buy this product?


  • Very lightweight and super portable,
  • Convenient and user-friendly with all basic controls,
  • Offers improved comfort and less fatigue.


  • Battery and charger don’t come with the tool,
  • Not perfect for heavy-duty projects.

5. BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600CBest Corded Jigsaw

Best Corded Jigsawbest corded jigsaw


  • Power-source- Corded-electric,
  • SPM- up to 3,000,
  • Voltage- 120V,
  • Motor – 5.0 amps,
  • Weight – 5.2 pounds,
  • Maximum bevel cut angle-  45-degree.

Top Features At A Glance:

  • Curve Control technology,
  • 1 to 4 orbital-action settings,
  • A variable speed-dial,
  • Adjustable Shoe,
  • New and improved Wire Guard,
  • Key-less blade clamp,
  • A dust blower.

Product Overview

BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C Jigsaw is a blend of numerous features that a DIY user or professional demand in the modern jigsaw. It stood out from the crowd of a jigsaw power tool with a Curve Control technology. 1 to 4 orbital-action settings, adjustable shoe, and new and improved Wire Guard will take your creativity to a whole new level.

The saw comes with 5.0 amp motor which can deliver variable speeds ranging from 0 to 3000 SPM. It makes this tool powerful and versatile enough to cut through all kinds of wood, lumber, and others with relative ease.

Its Curve Control technology allows the user to customize the orbit setting from 1 to 4. It adds versatility to various materials. So, you can complete any project efficiently and with absolute accuracy. In addition, it comes with adjustable beveling shoe that let you 45-degree angled cut in both directions.

Another important feature of the jigsaw is its new and improved Wire Guard. It helps you create a straight and precise cut.  In addition to all these amazing features, this tool comes with a dust blower which is very useful to keep your line of cut free of debris and dust.

And guess what?

Despite all these amazing features, you must be surprised to see that the BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C is insanely affordable.


  • Outstanding performance and accuracy,
  • Safe, easy and convenient to use,
  • Much more comfortable to use for a long time,
  • Versatile, adjustable and stable.


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty commercial use,
  • Some users report its noise when working on heavy-duty materials.

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6. Makita XVJ03Z – Best For The Money

Best Jigsaw For The Moneybest for the money


  • Power-source- battery-powered,
  • SPM- 0  to 2600,
  • Voltage- 18 volts,
  • Weight – 7.0 pounds.

Top Features At A Glance:

  • Variable speed motor,
  • A tool-less blade change system,
  • Three orbital-action settings,
  • Large 2-finger variable speed trigger.

Product Overview

Makita XVJ03Z is going to be the last pick of our top-rated jigsaw. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but there is no best, jigsaw list that would be complete without the inclusion of a tool from Makita. It is from a promising manufacturer and worldwide industry leader Makita.

Makita’s XVJ03Z jigsaw is a great tool for DIY users and professionals alike.  With its sturdy, well-balanced, stable and versatile design, it works great for cutting a wide range of materials equally well. Although it’s a cordless jigsaw, its high performing motor is perfect for efficient and faster cutting.

The XVJ03Z 694 supports variable speeds ranging from 0 to 2600 SPM. In addition, its three orbital settings are very helpful to cut away wood or any materials without worrying about accuracy.

But that’s not all…

Its distinctive heavy gauge, precision machined base design significantly reduces vibration and noise when working on heavy-duty materials. You can use the saw for hours without experiencing fatigue. Furthermore, the large 2-finger variable speed trigger features excellent ergonomics is easy to use, adds comfort and optimum control.

And the price?

Its high-price tag could be an issue for some budget-conscious people. But we strongly believe that this jigsaw is worth every penny.

The fact that Its high-price says a lot about this top-rated tool’s performance.


  • Great battery life and performance,
  • Simple and easy to use,
  • Reliable performance for many years to come,
  • Lightweight, yet powerful, durable design.


  • No dust blower,
  • The tool only, battery and charger not included.


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Buying Guide – Don’t Buy Until You Read This

#1 How to shop for the top-rated jigsaws?

Let’s get started to learn! Not all jigsaws are the same, but do you know how to tell the difference?


  • Corded-electric,
  • Cordless/ battery-powered.

#2 Which power-sourced jigsaw is better-Corded electric or cordless?

Each type has its advantages as well as some drawbacks.


  • Cost less than a similar grade battery-powered one,
  • More powerful than the battery-powered model,
  • Ideal for heavy, dense cuts,
  • Lighter than the battery-operated jigsaw,
  • Offers unlimited cutting time, no need to be worried about draining the battery,
  • Not portable,
  • the cord is a nuisance at times,
  • Need to reach an outlet.

Battery Powered / Cordless

  • Very flexible and portable,
  • Much more maneuverable especially when you need to make the complex cut,
  • Li-ion battery offers longer battery life, recharge quickly, less downtime,
  • Weight more than the corded model,
  • Limited cutting time,
  • More expensive.

So, now the choice is yours.

***CUTTING CAPACITY: Jigsaws are perfect for cutting wood, boards, sheets, and rails. They are also able to cut aluminum and even steel. In fact, with a Top Quality Jigsaw and a fresh blade, you can cut even common framing lumber.

In general, you can cut maximum 2 to 2-inches depth in particleboard or softwood, floorboards, kitchen worktops, wall panels. Check the cutting capacity before buying a jigsaw.

***Handle Design

Jigsaws come with two types of handle design. For which design should I go for? Well,

D-Handle or Top-Handle

  • Ideal for working in odd space,
  • Smooth to operate,
  • Handy for the user with small or arthritic hands.

Barrel grip 

  • Have the motor housing serving as the handle,
  • Ideal for more intricate applications- medium to heavy-duty projects,
  • Enables the user to follow the cutting path while keeping the shoe flat on the work surface,
  • Easier to keep the blade perpendicular,
  • People with large hands feel more control.

So, which model go best for you? Although here we’ve listed all the top-handle models, it entirely depends on your preference.

***BLADE TYPE AND SIZE: Jigsaw blades differ in tool configurations, widths, and length. So, you should take into consideration the proper blade for your project.

  • Narrow blade – Good for cutting the curve,
  • Width blade – Good for a long, straight cut.

Blades with fewer, but larger teeth- Cut quickly, but the cutting result is rough. Blades with many small teeth- Cuts smoothly, but at slow speed.


#1 Orbital/ Oscillating: Having the orbital action or having no orbital action- Which one is advantageous?

  1. In no orbital action, the blade goes straight up and down.
  2. In orbital setting, the blade pivots forward and backward along with moving up and down.

Both settings have some pros and drawbacks too.

#2 Having no orbital action:

  1. Produce a cleaner more precise cut,
  2. Slower cutting action.

#3 Having orbital action:

  1. Cut more quickly,
  2. Produces a ragged edge,
  3. Leaves behind more tear-out,
  • Variable Speed Control: How useful is it? An ideal jigsaw should come with variable speed control. It allows the user to adjust the speed to the different types of cuts depending on the working materials. It lets the user modify the speed by increasing or slowing down to meet the requirement of the project.
  • Bevel Capacity: Is it actually a handy feature for woodworking? It’s the capacity to tilt the saw shoe or housing depending on how you see it. Having sufficient bevel capacity is undoubtedly a useful feature. It helps the user to measure and deliver accurate cuts with no qualms.
  • Stroke Per Minute: A high-end jigsaw comes with a more powerful motor. A jigsaw with a powerful motor can produce speeds ranging from 0 to 3200 SPM. If you need to cut denser, harder materials more quickly, go for the jigsaw with higher SPM.


  • Laser Guide: It’s a handy feature. This feature makes the jigsaw much more accurate for straight cuts. If you have a jigsaw which can provide you with maximum accuracy, it’ll definitely take your project to the next level.
  • Work/LED Light: If you need to work in low-light conditions or if your project involves complex cuts, you can’t overlook the usefulness of work light or LED light. So, we would greatly recommend you to go for the model with a built-in LED light.
  • Dust Blower: It’s a useful part of any jigsaw. A dust blower keeps clear the line of cut.  Having an adjustable dust blower is an added convenience for any woodworker.


  • Trigger-Lock: A trigger lock is an essential feature for any jigsaw to save your hand.  It’s not comfortable at all if you need to work for a long time and all the time you have to hold down the trigger. A trigger lock will lock the trigger in positions. You can adjust the way you hold the saw. So, you don’t need to hold it down manually.
  • Blade Guard: Some jigsaw features a clear shield/ blade guard with the vertical line. Some users don’t like the blade guard as they prefer to see the blade directly while cutting.
  • Tool-less Blade Changes: If you jigsaw doesn’t feature tool-less blade change system, you have risk burning your fingers during blade removal. The good news is that almost all the jigsaw models feature tool-free blade replacing the system of one kind or another.

Jigsaw VS Scroll Saw

Interested in learning the difference between a jigsaw and a scroll saw?


  • a very versatile tool,
  • can cut a wide range of materials,
  • good for home improvement,
  • Perfect to use in the workshop.

Scroll Saw

  • can make fine cuts,
  • makes accurate curve cuts,
  • very quiet,
  • can’t cut hard, thick materials,
  • take up a lot of space,
  • not perfect for the DIY user.


  • Both are perfect for cutting non-straight lines.
  • The same type of blades works well with both types of saws.


  • Jigsaws are less powerful than scroll saws.
  • Jigsaws are compact than scroll saws.
  • Scroll saws are more efficient than jigsaws.
  • Scroll saws are quieter than jigsaws.
  • Jigsaws produce more dust than scroll saws.

Jigsaw Blade Guide

Jigsaw blades play an important role in cutting accuracy. Although jigsaw blades are not very expensive, you should invest in good quality blades. Depending on fixing, two types of blades are available.

#1 “U” (universal) shank

  • It’s the most common blade shank.
  • It requires tool (such as hex-wrench) to replace them into the saw.

#2 “T” (tang) shank

  • You don’t need any tool to replace them in the jigsaw,
  • Quick change system,
  • Stay very secure.

Depending on the teeth-design (upward or downward), two types of blades are available.

  • Down-stroke
  • Upstroke

Depending on the TPI (Teeth per inch), blades are available ranging from 6 TPI up to 36 TPI.

  • Having lower TPI means it’ll produce the faster but coarser cut.
  • To cut steel, ceramics, and aluminum, you’ll need a blade 24 TPI blade or higher having more TPI.
  • 6 to 10 TPI blades work fine for most woodworking applications. For cutting wood, you don’t need blade having more than 12 TPI.
  • For cutting tight curves, 20 TPI blade works great.

Safety Tips

Ever heard tales of people who made some crazy attempts in working process and ended up injuring themselves? A jigsaw is the safest tools among the all other types of saws. And the user’s fingers remain away from it. Also, like other types of saw, jigsaw doesn’t use rotational force. So, jigsaws are less powerful than other saws. But it doesn’t mean that you’ll never get hurt while using a jigsaw.

Let’s have a look at the safety considerations of the jigsaw.

  • Be familiar with the tool and all of its part, before start using a jigsaw
  • There are different blades for wood, aluminum, PVC and other materials. Use the right type and sharp blade for the job.
  • If you need to change the blade at mid-cut, be careful as the blade would be hot.
  • To change the blade, unplug the saw first if it’s a corded electric model.
  • If you use a corded model, be aware of where the cord is while you’re cutting.
  • Sawdust can fly up in your face and may create the disaster. So, not to forget to wear safety goggles for eye protection.

Stay safe!!

Expert’s Tips And Tricks

  • Keep in mind that the jigsaw blade is unsupported on one end. So, if you move the tool too fast to take curves, there is a possibility the blade will lean.
  • Cover the cut line with low-tack adhesive tape, if you want to reduce the tear-out. When finished your cutting job, peel the tape off carefully.
  • Before start cutting for the first time, don’t forget to check the base-plate angle marking with a protractor. You won’t find them always accurate. However, if you know about it, it won’t be a significant problem for you.
  • Never go for cheap blades. Cheap jigsaw blades are usually low-quality and have a tendency to bend out and go blunt quickly. So, invest more on a high-quality blade.
  • If you get the poor cutting results, the chance is the blade has gone blunt. If so, you should change the blade first. Dull blade leads to frustration causing more inaccuracy than any other part.
  • If you need to work in low-light conditions or tight corners, it’s wise to buy a jigsaw having built-in work light.
  • Don’t forget the keep the base of the saw pressed against the workpiece as there is a possibility to lift it unintentionally. If so, it’ll cause the edges not to be square.
  • If you need to cut tighter curves, slow the feed rate.

Final Words

There you have it; all you need to know about jigsaw and how to choose the best one. We’ve almost come to the end of our best jigsaw tool review and buyer’s guide.

Getting the best jigsaw power tool from the market is always tough. People often get swayed by flashy features, but they forget the fact that not all jigsaws possess the right quality and accuracy. But we hope our shortlist will help you to cross the hurdle of choosing the Top Quality Jigsaw.

One more word!

To be honest, all the above-reviewed jigsaws are incredibly reliable and would make any DIY or even professional proud to own any of them.

You can entirely lay your trust on these best quality jigsaws as they won’t leave you disheartened.

Thanks for your patience to read our review and jigsaw guide.

Top-rated Jigsaw Comparison

ProductsPower SourceMotor (amp)Weight (Pounds)SPM
BOSCH JIGSAW JS470ECorded-electric7.010.1500 to 3,100
DEWALT DC330B CORDLESS JIGSAWbattery-powered-5.730 to 3,000
SKIL 4495-02 CORDED JIGSAWCorded-electric6.05800 to 3,250
HITACHI CJ18DGLP4 CORDLESS JIGSAWbattery-powered-4.6up to 2,400
BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C JIGSAWCorded-electric5.05.2up to 3,000
MAKITA XVJ03Z JIGSAWBattery-powered-7.00 to 2600

F. A. Q


#1 How To Cut A Circle In Wood With A Jigsaw

Step 1: Choose the right blade. For smaller circles narrower blade and larger circle, a wider blade works fine.

Step 2: Outline the circle on the wood where you intend to cut. You can use a mold, any circular object of your desired size. A compass will also work fine to draw a circle. In fact, these are the most accurate way to bring a circle. However, you can also draw a circle without the help of a compass. You’ll require a pencil/ pen, a nail and a piece of string.

Put the nail on the wood where you want the center of the circle to be. Tie one end of the string with the nail and measure out the radius of the circle you need to cut. By changing the length of the string, you can change the radius/size of the circle. Tie the pencil to the desired length of the radius and draw the circle.

Step 3: Drill a single hole inside the circle closer to the edge of the circle to make an entry into the wood.

Step 4: Start cutting from inside the circle following the outline.

#2 How To Cut A Square Hole In Wood With A Jigsaw

A jigsaw is very convenient and also a must-have tool for cutting holes as well as other inside shapes. If you need to cut a hole with a square corner-

>Drill holes in two corners

>Connect them


#3 How To Cut Plexiglass With A Jigsaw

You know, plexiglass also called acrylic glass (transparent plastic) is very fragile and brittle. So, you have to take first some precautions to protect the material. Don’t let your entire piece to ruin with a simple mistake that you can avoid easily.

Step 1: Take the right jigsaw blade for cutting plexiglass. Go for the shallow and fine blade to attain a smooth cut. A blade with 10 TPI will work great.

Step 2: Apply masking tape on both sides of the cut line. It’ll help you secure the glass from breaking.

Step 3: Start the jigsaw with full speed. Never start up the jigsaw in contact with the plexiglass.

Step 4: Start cutting. Move carefully and steadily. It’ll help you to prevent breakage and melting.

#4 How To Cut Straight Line With A Jigsaw

You know, a jigsaw is a very unique tool to cut curves or other irregular shapes. But what about cutting straight lines? It’s pretty straightforward.

Step 1: Choose the correct blade type. Wider blade works well when cutting a straight line.

Step 2: Mark the entire line using a pen/pencil and ruler.

Step 3: Place the saw shoe on the marked line.

Step 4: Switch on the jigsaw and start cutting. Move it forward following the marked line.

#5 How To Change A Jigsaw Blade

Broken blade? Struggling to cut with the blunt blade? or Poor quality cutting results?

If so, it’s the time to change the jigsaw blade. But how?

Well, depending on the type of jigsaw you have, there are two methods to replace/ change a jigsaw blade.

Method 1: Tool-free Method

If your jigsaw features a tool-free system, you can use this method to change the blade.

Step 1: Disengage the release lever of your jigsaw.

Step 2: Remove the blunt/old/broken blade.

Step 3: Hold the blade release lever and insert the new blade

Step 4: Insert the T-shank blade.

Method 2: Using An Allen Key

If your jigsaw doesn’t feature blade release lever, you have to follow this method.

Step 1: Using the Allen key loosen the screw.

Step 2: Remove the blade from the blade clamp.

Step 3: Carefully insert the new blade

Step 4: Using the Allen key re-tighten the screw.

#6 How Thick Of Wood Can A Jigsaw Cut

Jigsaws are a versatile tool for cutting rails, boards, wood, and sheets. Some jigsaw models claim to cut over 5-inch thick softwood.

How much thick wood a jigsaw can cut depends on two factors.

  • The length of the blade
  • Types of blade teeth

The blade must be at least 1-inch longer than the workpiece thickness. If your jigsaw blade is 4-inch long, you should consider 3-inch thickness material to cut.

Never try to cut the material thicker than the recommended maximum thickness for the blade. If you try to do this, the blade will be damaged, and it’d cause serious injury.

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