7 Best Foot Massager of 2018-19 [Reviews with Comparison Inside]

It's been said that in the event that you don't have your well being, you don't have anything. There's a considerable measure of truth behind that announcement, and your well being ought to be one of your best needs all through life. Unbeknownst to numerous individuals, the feet are really doors to more beneficial bodies, through back rub and other restorative techniques. That is the reason getting the best foot massager can push you to really lead a more agreeable and more beneficial life.

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In case you're continually working outside or doing exercises that include the utilization of your feet (like biking, running,  skiing, Cross Fit, and a huge number of other foot-driven choices) at that point recuperation is presumably similarly as vital to you as the wellness partition seems to be.

Also, since there's not at all like a decent foot back rub to unwind and assuage sore curves and bunches, we've gathered together the best foot massagers available to treat yours in the solace of your own home.

There are a few assortments of these items, from economical manual massagers to cutting edge, robotized massagers that let you alter their developments. Regardless of your financial plan or back rub inclinations, there's a superb foot massager to fit your needs. Here are a portion of the best foot massager accessible to purchase at the present time.

comparison of Top-rated foot massage Machine





Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager

Kneading, Subtle Vibrating, Rolling, and Heat

11.8 pounds

Mynt Haven Foot Massager

Air and Heat

14.6 pounds

LiveFine Air Leg Compression Massager


3.8 pounds

IREALIST Foot Spa Massager

Vibrating, Rolling, and Heat

10.2 pounds

Cloud Massage Foot Massage Machine

Kneading, Vibrating,  Heat and Air

24.1 pounds

MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager

vibration, pressure point targeting surface

11 pounds

Medcursor foot massager

Kneading and Heat

7.8 pounds


1. Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager - Best Foot Massage Machine

In case you're willing to spend somewhat more on a foot massager, this top of the line item will leave your feet feeling loose and spoiled. The Miko Shiatsu Home Foot Massager Machine With Switchable Heat has an assortment of highlights to give you an altered back rub and clients say it's justified regardless of the cost. It is also our choice for Best Home Foot Massager.


The Best foot massager from Miko is a standout amongst the most cutting edge choices out there. It highlights two separate foot chambers with launder able material spreads. When you slip your feet in, you can work the massager by means of the control board over the machine or with the included remote.

Pick between profound massaging or relieving characteristic vibrations, and modify the quality and warmth to suit your requirements. The machine likewise utilizes pneumatic stress to apply delicate weight to your feet, easing pressure.

The one drawback of this machine is that it just obliges up to estimate 12 feet. Be that as it may, clients who are on their feet throughout the day say it works miracles to lessen soreness and help them unwind.

What We Liked

  • Relieves snugness in the weight purposes of your feet
  • Massages the base of your feet and conveys calming heat
  • Independent chambers load with air to apply weight to those drained feet
  • 5 Different flexible weight levels
  • Best Home Foot Massager
  • Fits up to estimate 12, 15 minute auto stop

What We Didn't like

  • Weight quit working after 4 or 5 employments

2. Mynt Haven Foot Massager - Best Heated Foot Massanger


Tapping Foot Massager - Immersive Therapy with Superior Settings

Hi Mynt – Refreshment, Evolved,Engineered with Leading Technology Smarter Design for Smarter Living.

Driven show: Green – Low, Blue – Medium, Red – High.


Special plan conveys exact treatment to the scaffold, and rest of the foot – supporting blood stream and invigorating tired feet. Working pair with rollers and pneumatic force, tapping movement gives percussive treatment to the curve of the foot. Intended to convey immersive, 3D rub treatment – from back of the lower leg, to tips of the toes.

Treat Your Feet Our feet are inclined to numerous issues - from anxiety through to medicinal issues e.g. plantar fascists. Tapping Foot Massager enables feet to rest and play, enhancing course, supporting unwinding, and handling a throbbing painfulness. 22 rub heads convey treatment that is strong and masseuse-quality. Simple, concentrated controls tailor gaseous tension, force, warmth, roller, and speed for the ideal experience.

3 modes (relieve, revive, conventional shiatsu) give a decision of 3 unmistakable back rub styles. A re-engineered framework conveys warm that is hotter than different massagers, while PTC innovation warms up speedier. Inside a 20 minute cycle, focal back rub hubs will achieve 45°C/113°F for muscle unwinding and sheltered, reliable warmth treatment.

Designed using select, hard wearing materials for consummate execution. Internal sleeves can be evacuated and washed on a normal cycle, to guarantee cleanliness for different clients.

What We Liked

  • Authentic about human inclination astounding Shiatsu-style foot knead
  • Well-made with top notch materials and building
  • Great foot rub, no territory of foot is disregarded
  • Steps to Make Your Feet Feel Amazing
  • Surprisingly useful at the cost

What We Didn't like

  • Uncomfortable Squeeze

3. LiveFine Air Leg Compression Massager - Best Leg Massager

Specs and Details 

Evaluated voltage: 12V

Power utilization: 12W

Default run time: 15 min

Enhance dissemination in your legs and feet in one simple advance!


Appreciate the spa-like medical advantages of a leg rub with the push of a catch and the Air Compression Leg Massager by LiveFine. Simplicity strain and exhaustion from the worry of day by day exercises and increment blood stream with reliable utilize. Just slip your legs into the movable wraps, secure them with the appended lashes, and utilize the helpful, simple read handheld controller to choose knead mode and power. At that point take it easy while your feet and legs travel without leaving the solace of home!

Pick Mode 1 for a full foot back rub of 4 exceptional cycles that apply weight to both your feet and calves. Or then again select Mode 2 for one of a kind cycle that exchanges weight between your feet and legs. In either mode, you can likewise control the force setting—low, medium or high—for a really individualized back rub involvement. Along these lines, venture out better course—include the LiveFine Air Compression Leg Massager to your truck!

What We Liked

  • These assistance the muscle unwind and individuals
  • The program keeps running for 15 minutes and feels like a back rub
  • The foot chamber loads with air then the calf
  • Phenomenal perception boots sufficiently huge for everybody
  • Great item at the reasonable cost

What We Didn't like

  • Extremely Uncomfortable

4. IREALIST Foot Spa Massager - Best Foot SPA Massanger

The warmed foot spa machine viably advances blood circulation, stress alleviation, feet and body unwinding, feet help with discomfort and rest improvement through unwinding. The foot massager is outfitted with a hearty radiator, red light treatment and a solid air bubble massager.


This will enable you to make the ideal back rub for your requirements, regardless of whether you are simply chilling before the TV and need a little back rub or following a debilitating day on your feet.

Programmed FOUR MASSAGE ROLLERS Featuring with 4 rub rollers situated inside the calf-profound water holder, it gives you hot-air moving back rub on underside and adequately softens away your calf and foot pressure while you are getting a charge out of the hot-tub spa.

CUSTOMIZALBE WATER TEMPERATURE The progressed thermo-control framework naturally balances the water temperature. With savvy warm control water temperature programmed adjusting framework, kill on or the warming consequently.

Propelled LED DISPLAY,EASY TO OPERATE The LCD screen show for easy temperature and stream adjustment.The pull handle enables you to easily transport the filled spa, make it more helpful to move around inside house for capacity or transport.

What We Liked

  • Delicate vibration unwinds exhausted muscles
  • Back rub rollers give focused on back rub to curves and soles
  • Calming heat keeps up warm water temperature
  • Profound drench tub to completely inundate the whole foot

What We Didn't like

  • Awkward Squeeze

5. CloudMassage Foot Massage Machine - Foot Massager for Diabetics

Highlights an effectively customizable ideal point comfort bar. This enables you to sit in a characteristic position amid your foot/leg/calves/lower leg/toes knead. Numerous settings highlighting moving ball massagers , air pressure back rub and warmth empowers blood stream and expands course.

Cloud Massage centers around quality. Your therapeutic review massager comes finish with well ordered guidelines to guarantee the ideal back rub each time .


Massages base of your feet with weight and warming to unwind and lessen pressure Works on the weight indicates into your feet ease snugness and alleviate blown feet - Selectable dead Heat Function Applies light Soothing temperature to feet - Ergonomically smooth appearance.

Flexible COMFORT– Cloud Massagers give a profound manipulating shiatsu knead at the ideal solace point. Highlights a simple flexible bar. Other foot massagers constrain you to keep your knees together, and legs at a 90 degree edge.

Double MASSAGE– Features different settings for warm , air pressure weight and vibration. Gives the ideal back rub to your feet , calves, toes and lower legs.

RELIEF– Medical Grade massager gives help to tired feet ,  Diabetics , and Plantar Fascists Neuropathy by expanding Blood Flowing Circulation.

What We Liked

  • Basically the simple Best Foot Reflexology
  • The customizable positions make this machine idealize
  • Awesome foot kneads and manufactured like a tank
  • Solid and successful

What We Didn't like

  • It is so overwhelming

6. MedMassager MMF06 Foot Massager - Best Electric Foot Massager

In case you're the sort of individual that wouldn't like to need to put in work with regards to kneading tired toes, you'll unquestionably be a devotee of the Best electronic Foot Massage machine by MedMassager. Not at all like rollers where you need to move your legs the entire time to get any alleviation, you essentially press a catch on this wavering foot cushion (with a curve bar) and focus on the regions that need focusing on the most.


With 11 distinct rates, it fortifies flow in the legs and feet by means of 1,000 to 3,700 RPM and is FDA guaranteed. What's more, despite the fact that it's marginally on the expensive side, it likewise accompanies a 1-year full substitution guarantee against surrenders.

Other than individuals who simply jump at the chance to unwind their feet, this is likewise utilized by diabetes and neuropathy sufferers to enable increment to blood stream, ease agony, and swelling.

What We Liked

  • Best home treatment
  • Spectacular machine
  • Quality, truly does makes a difference
  • The finish of foot torment
  • Exceptionally tough and well made

What We Didn't like

  • Costly for what it is

7. Medcursor foot massager - Cheap Foot Massager

Our feet get the vast majority of the torment and strain because of every day drive, running and activities that we are required to do every day. So dealing with it is an absolute necessity!

On the off chance that you are experiencing foot muscle fit, muscle weakness, firmness and endless torment, at that point this is an across the board answer for you.


Along Medcursor Foot Massager you will really save money since not going to expensive private well-being  parlor or spas just to get your feet spoiled and loose.

Exploit its upscale outline and convey ability, in addition to the astounding HEALTH BENEFITS that this massager can give!

It has 6 plying heads with 18 pivoting massager hubs for profound working movement that objectives the most essential weight focuses on your feet which improves circulation of blood, limits torment and unwinds your worn out feet nerves and muscles to get the ideal feet spoiling and unwinding background.

It might likewise help individuals who are experiencing chilly feet, perpetual torment and weariness muscles, particularly in the event that you will likewise turn the infrared warmth on to boost the well-being and unwinding benefits.

The massager is intended to create the best pressure point massage and plying back rub to center around the weight focuses and relieve the worn out muscles, permitting better blood course, incitement of nerve receptors and aides on reducing muscle solidness and torment.


  • Infrared massage with heat Therapy/Function (Can be Turned On or Off)
  • Tallness Adjustable machine ( 2 Height Levels)

What We Liked

  • Extremely like the warming choice extraordinary for winter time
  • This is her useful for the message on the feet
  • Completes a decent activity
  • It comes in two modes - warmed and non-warmed
  • It has two mode, standard and warm temperatures

What We Didn't like

  • Difficult to keep feet on it

Types of Foot Massagers

There are numerous sorts of foot massagers of which the accompanying are the most widely recognized.

  • Electric foot massager: These machines deal with the guideline of rolling or wavering. These are controlled by power and are intended to give warmth and vibration to your feet for finish unwinding of the muscles.
  • Manual foot massager: These utilize moving activity to rub delicate tissues of the foot and are made of regular materials that the client works physically. The fundamental model is a tube put under the feet. The clients roll the tube from the foot rear area to the toes for finish knead.
  • Water foot massager: These resemble smaller than expected hot tubs for the feet, fitted with gurgling water stream and foot rub alternatives. These are ideal for dry and tired feet. While alternate kinds of massagers just back rub the feet, these peel your feet with warm water and stream bubbles, in this manner supporting your feet.
  • Handheld Massager: Perfectly suited for focused regions. This implies you can concentrate on particular places on your feet. They are anything but difficult to bear and come in little sizes.

Regular Features in Modern Massager Machines 

Each foot rub machine can have certain highlights for enhancing accommodation and solace. The accompanying are a portion of the fundamental highlights gave by present day foot massagers.

• Pad Surface: These are for the most part made of delicate froth infused with gel for guaranteeing solace amid rubbing.

• Various rates: These are given non-slip cushions and have shifting velocity choices for a redid rubbing knowledge.

• Helpful control: These are given either toe-contact controls when you can control the machine by just squeezing the catch with your toes without bowing down or when you have a remote control to change settings advantageously.

• Infra-red warming: Foot massagers are furnished with alternatives to warm which can either be connected at the base of the foot or can incorporate the lower leg and the upper foot for diminishing muscle torments.

• Water planes: For having invigorating background foot massagers can likewise have warm water planes. Water planes improves circulation of blood and unwind tight muscles.


There are numerous great motivations to purchase a foot massage machine, we've investigated the best items we could discover available. Here are a few reasons why we think a foot back rub can encourage you. There are reflexology focuses on the base, sides, and highest points of your feet, and on your lower legs. 

Individuals everywhere throughout the world trust reflexology can fix, lighten, or even counteract different sicknesses, for example, migraines, menstrual torment, sleep deprivation, stomach hurts, sore throats, asthma, and joint pain.

Weight is utilized to enable the patient feel to better as fast as could reasonably be expected. Distinctive focuses appear to fix changed things. Regardless of whether they fix anything or not, going ahead them feels eminent. A back rub is simply pushing on your feet. What's more, if foot reflexology helps your well-being, at that point that is yet another motivation to get a foot knead!

These machines are impeccable in the wake of a monotonous day playing soccer or on the off chance that you were wearing the wrong ball shoes. You can set it for 30 minutes on the off chance that you require twofold the work on your feet.

Foot massage machine do encourage flow and unwinding, and can help prevent the torment from tired feet. Foot massage machines are imperative for individuals that may have course issues, for example, those with diabetes. Foot massage machine additionally assist individuals with plantar fascist and bone goads.

Individuals experiencing chemotherapy additionally have muscle torment, and massagers help. It additionally mitigates pressure, and we as a whole have excessively of that in our lives! Foot massagers additionally tend to help for better rest.

There has been no less than one investigation that says a back rub can help with melancholy too. Foot massage machine can soothe foot swelling because of pregnancy or water maintenance. Foot massagers can likewise bring down pulse.

What amount would you say you will spend? There are foot massagers utilized by proficient masseuses or spas that are significantly higher quality than those accessible monetarily. Choose how enormous your massager must be. Do you need something little and versatile, or something you can put before your most loved seat and abandon it?

Do you need it to rub your feet just, or your lower legs? A few massagers focus on the best weight focuses on the lower legs and the highest point of the foot. Some foot massage machine look sort of like moon boots, and back rub as far as possible up to the lower leg. This feels phenomenal and is extremely useful on the off chance that you have course issues in your legs.

Is it simple to clean? This might be particularly critical in the event that you get a kick out of the chance to put a drop or two of back rub oil on your feet previously utilizing the massager. Are there various styles of massagers accessible? A portion of the best ones have rollers, some vibrate, some heartbeat, and some add warmth to your back rub that enables the muscles to unwind.

Are there controls for speed and weight? A few massagers may feel excessively solid, so controls are exceptionally useful. Some are even programmable. Some begin and prevent with weight from your toe, called toe-contact control! Skirt this choice in the event that you have creatures that may stroll over it and turn the machine on.

Have you at any point seen a feline bounce straight open to question? This could happen if the feline turns on the massager. Or on the other hand, you could have a pooch that likes to get his or her own particular utilization of the massager while you aren't home.

What is Reflexology, and for what reason Should I Care? 

Reflexology rub is applying strain to focuses on the body on the feet, hands, and ears, and has been utilized for more than 4,300 years. The massage machine targets focuses on the feet incorporate the base of the feet, the highest point of the feet, and the lower legs. Specialists go ahead, tap, press, stroke, or manipulate these focuses with thumbs and fingers.

There are focuses on the feet that relate with different focuses in the body, for example, the heart. Shiatsu is fundamentally the same as reflexology, with weight connected to focuses everywhere throughout the body with thumbs, hands, elbows, knees, or feet.

The foot massage machine won't turn and stretch your appendages and joints, which is finished by shiatsu rub specialists. The hypothesis is that the nerves that go all through the body end in these focuses, and weight invigorates the nerves that lead back to those focuses. Individuals may feel warmth, shivering, and conceivably even help with discomfort when the weight point is pushed in the relating some portion of the body.

Reflexology is utilized, alongside standard restorative practice, to mitigate uneasiness, asthma, cardiovascular (heart and blood course) issues, kidney work, diabetes, plantar fascist, malignancy treatment, PMS, menstrual torment, sinusitis, and numerous more conditions. There have been contemplates done in Europe and Asia that have demonstrated that reflexology prompts less debilitated days, non-attendance at work, and general pressure and fulfillment. Numerous individuals say they rest better in light of the fact that the foot massager de-stresses them.

The left foot compares to one side of the body, and the correct foot with the correct side. When you get a foot massager, you tend to dream about returning home and getting your feet rubbed! Keep in mind, don't all of a sudden quit taking med or quit seeing your specialist on the grounds that the foot massager diminishes your manifestations. Converse with your specialist if your side effects lessening and make sense of the following stages together.

Would it be advisable for me to get a Larger or Compact Design? 

It relies upon regardless of whether you need to move it. On the off chance that you will put it by your sofa, seat, or bed, at that point you can get a bigger massager. In the event that you need to move it around, or take it to work, get a littler massager. Additionally, read the remarks and make sure the massager is peaceful. You don't need a boisterous machine at work! Obviously, you might think about whether there are foot massagers sufficiently little and sufficiently calm to take to work.

Indeed, there absolutely are! Make sure they are not the boot write. A massager with one-toe control or a remote control are best for the workplace so you don't need to chase under your work area to turn it on. On the off chance that you get a little, calm one, you can keep it at work, and purchase a bigger one for home utilize.

Are all foot Massagers alright for Me?

That relies upon the massager. Some are particularly for individuals with diabetes and joint agony and some are definitely not. Some utilization pneumatic force, and that could possibly useful for individuals with blood clumps. On the off chance that you have enormous feet, check the massager is sufficiently extensive. A few machines are bad for pregnant individuals. The most secure massager is the Med Massager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massage Machine. It is utilized by doctors by those specific conditions.

Make certain to peruse the depiction deliberately before you purchase. Most sites have spots to ask the producer or merchant inquiries regarding it in the event that you are confounded. The thought is to do reflexology 3 or 4 times each week to lessen pressure and help physical diseases. Obviously, you can utilize your foot massager more frequently than that! Simply don't utilize it in excess of two 15-minute time spans multi day. Or on the other hand, split it up to complete one session early in the day and one around evening time.

In our high-focused on, quick paced world, we neglect to accomplish something exceptionally important– to deal with ourselves. This prompts a wide range of pressure related therapeutic conditions, similar to coronary illness and diabetes. Stress makes numerous conditions, for example, asthma and coronary illness, more terrible. Stress can likewise prompt negative practices like eating excessively. The best activity is to set aside time for you, to relinquish the pressure, regardless of whether it is for 15 minutes. Get some tea or a container of water.

Turn on the TV (ideally not a dramatization or heartbeat beating police appear), tune in to a digital recording, tune in to calm music, or simply endeavor to get a couple of minutes of quietness. Clamor dropping earphones can be awesome for this. Sit still, unwind, and get a foot knead. Feel the pressure dissolving endlessly, feel the agony in your feet die down, feel yourself relinquishing that days considerations and stresses.

At long last, genuinely, unwind. Release everything. Only for a couple of minutes. De-focusing will accomplish more to help your well being than you can envision!

Do foot Massages help Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis or plantar rear area torment disorder (PHPS), is an exceptionally regular distress of the foot and rear area. It is constant and monotonous and can stop you dead in your tracks and cause extraordinary agony in both foot and rear area.

Anyone who invests a considerable measure of energy in their feet can experience the ill effects of plantar fasciitis, individuals who spend a large portion of their day standing, for example, clerks, servers and croupiers in a gambling club. It is likewise exceptionally regular in climbers, sprinters and individuals who love strolling. Standing, strolling or running on hard surfaces is one of the most astounding danger elements to building up this condition.

The plantar sash is anything but a ligament, it is a ton of connective tissues which extends from the rear area to the toes and will likewise traverse the curve of the foot. Plantar fasciitis is caused by abuse of this connective tissue and is much similar to carpal passage disorder as this abuse prompts the degeneration of the plantar sash causing the damage or condition.

The condition can be continuous for a considerable length of time and influence your wellness, way of life as well as your general well-being. So how would you treat plantar fasciitis? Well once in a while with a great deal of rest and some curve bolster you can recoup from plantar fasciitis. The most ideal approach to get some alleviation from the condition is to get a decent foot knead which will calm the torment and distress that accompanies plantar fasciitis.

Utilizing a massage machine on your foot conveys extraordinary alleviation to individuals who experience the ill effects of this tribulation. The rubbing and vibrating movements from a decent massager will assist your feet with relaxing and mend. When you knead your feet you will discover it enhances course in both foot and rear area as well as decreases your feelings of anxiety. Enhanced flow of oxygenated blood is truly outstanding and most essential methods for adapting to plantar fasciitis. The other fundamental advantage of a decent back rub is to get your body and feet to unwind.

A Shiatsu foot rub with a warming component to the back rub as you get in the Brookstone 839379 Shiatsu Foot Massager surveyed above, is a standout among other approaches to manage plantar fasciitis as it will mitigate the weight, strain and agony that is caused by this condition. Along these lines other than resting your feet, and let be honest in the present quick paced world that is definitely not a suitable choice for most, a great foot rub is extraordinary compared to other approaches to discover help from this agonizing condition.

Heading off to an advisor or spa is additionally not generally conceivable because of time imperatives and spending plan, so having a home massager is the most ideal route for you to have the capacity to manage plantar fasciitis and calm the extremely agonizing manifestations.

Do foot Massages Induce Labor?

Massagers can incite work. While considering utilizing it to initiate the entry of you child there are various procedures and zones to target. In spite of the fact that there are no particular zones on the feet itself that will invigorate or prompt work, there are two territories on the lower leg that are known to actuate work. The first is outwardly of the lower leg and the second one is within the leg simply over the lower leg itself. There are some foot massagers that objective these zones as well.

Are foot Massagers Good For Me?

The short response to this inquiry is yes foot massage machine are beneficial for you in various ways, not exclusively to manage foot issues and mitigate agony and pressure in your feet, yet they have various included medical advantages also. In spite of the fact that there are beyond any reasonable amount to list here we will view the ten most normal advantages that a decent one can offer you.

Final Words

Ideally, we have addressed your inquiry " What is the best foot massager?" by furnishing you with a concise review of the best massagers in the market and additionally a detail examination graph. At last, everything comes down to individual inclination, and one massager that works for one individual won't not be appropriate for someone else.

It relies upon your requirements, your financial plan and your inclination. Along these lines, what are you sitting tight for, simply ahead and snatch yourself foot massager and experience another way of life!

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