Best Electronic Drum Set Under 1000 [Buying Guide Inside]

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Best Electronic Drum Set For 2019

Once the sound of electronic drum sets made ears bleed with regret, but now they make the heart bleed with passion. Early 80’s instrument was dreadful. But these days, things don’t sound appalling anymore. Instead, they sound more lively than ever and quite on par with the acoustic ones. That’s one of the reasons musicians are embracing the modern instrument.

Notably, the beginner drummers are quite taken by the powerful and the clean sounds of the instrument. And to help those inspiring musicians, we’ve come up with the Best Electronic Drum Set in the business.

Best Electronic Drum Set 2019

Recent Market

Since 2014 the electronic drum market has been seeing growth. But that time it was the Asia Pacific market which was taken by the instrument. One of the reasons probably is its cheaper and more compact than the original kit. However, with time the electronic kit has seen impressive growth in the market all over the globe. Especially in the USA and Europe were more aspiring musicians are taking an interest in the kit. And in 2018, the consumer spending will see increase significantly, and most of it would be accounted for the two giants of the industry (Roland and Yamaha).

Backing up all the selections

I’m pretty satisfied with all the picks I’ve made for this best electronic drum set review. I’ve covered the ground and thought about all type of prospective buyers. I’ve made sure what the target audience needs and depending on their requirements the list is created. For instance, there is a specific drum kit model just for kids while I’ve picked a separate model to help beginner learners. So, I’m sure after today, everyone with some money to spend will be going home with an electronic drum set.

 Our Best Pick 

All the drum sets in this list are pretty good. However, some of them are superior to others, and it shouldn’t come as a big surprise. The huge price gap is enough to inform that there will be a significant performance difference. But if you ask me which particular model the best then I have only one in mind. The Yamaha DTX522K. From its build quality to its features, everything is of the highest quality. And there is almost nothing bad about it. So, the DTX is my favorite of the lot.

 Our Average Pick 

On the other hand, obviously, there is one model that doesn’t sit well with me. Yes, I know, I’ve picked it but remember, the decision was made considering potential buyers. And in that sense, I’m more into the game to start so low with the PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set. Don’t take me wrong; this is still a great kit to have. But compared to others, it lacks the intensity and feel of playing drums. So, it is the worst of the lot, but the standard here is so high that it is still far better than any other drum kit lurking out there.

Our Top Picks From The Recent

1. Roland TD-11K – Best Rated Overall

Roland TD-11k Best Rated Drum Set

If you want to hit the drums hard and have your hurt burst with joy, then Roland TD-11k is the ideal one for you. Coming from the manufacturer Roland, this is as special as the brand itself. That’s because Roland is considered the world leader in manufacturing and distributing musical instruments.

So, no surprise when they produce one of the best electronic drum set musicians can get their hands on in the form of the TD-11k. The high-quality sound produced by its bass drum, 3 toms, 3 cymbal pads, a hi-hat controller, a snare drum and the drum stand set is worth every single buck. And the best part, in spite of being an 8 piece drum set, this is still quite compact.

You can easily squeeze it in and set up in tight spaces to enjoy and practice your jam sessions alone anywhere. The custom performance stand that comes with the kit makes it possible to be a lightweight setup. But the real MVP is the sound module of the electronic drum set. This got an impressive 150 sounds and 50 drum kits pre-loaded to give a plethora of options while playing it. No surprise its one of the most equipped drum set on the planet right now.


  • The Roland TD-11K has an array of features to offer the musicians.
  • The enhanced supernatural sound engine provides an expressive drumming experience which is natural due to its Behavior modeling feature.
  • For performing and practicing different genre of music, this got a diverse sound library.
  • Got an array of backing songs to practice along with them on your own.
  • The electronic drum set offers a Quick Record/Quick Play option for helping out on practicing the art.
  • To develop the drumming skills to all levels, it provides a unique coach function.
  • This got a Large LCD display that has the icon-driven user interface for easy operation.


The build quality and design of the TD-11K is one of the most impressive aspects of this electronic drum set kit. The construction of the kit oozes of quality craftsmanship from each angle. But the thing that most attracted people how compact and lightweight the entire set is in spite of having that many parts. This drum module can be placed in any small room without any problem. Ronald made sure of that by giving each drum rack adjustment settings to fit in small spaces. All in all, this is a simple set but durable instrument to have.


Roland again exceeded their own reputation when it comes to manufacturing realistic sounding drums. It’s quite impossible to differentiate the TD-11k sound from the acoustic one. And that’s the ultimate dream for any electric drum manufacturer if you ask any professional drummer. The drums are responsive while the snare mesh pad produces the right snare rolls. No doubt the responsiveness of the TD-11k creates a mind-blowing impact when you take it for around yourself.

Remarkable Feature

Undoubtedly, the supernatural sound technology is the real game changer in this electronic drum set. The existence of it makes the kit so natural sounding. It’s like playing the real thing. The sounds are so impactful as the instrument itself. You feel the instantaneous response from the pads every single time producing the highest quality sound. It replicates the trigger sounds more authentically just like the real thing.

What We Liked

  • Onboard songs to practice along.
  • Provides a variety of sounds.
  • Quite affordable.
  • Sounds realistic.
  • Really compact.
  • Very durable.
  • The snare sounds close to the real thing.
  • Quick record and play system.

What We Didn’t like

  • Cymbals aren’t quite dynamic.
  • It doesn’t come with a kick pedal.

2. Pyle Drum Kit Cheap Electronic Drum Set

Pyle Electronic Drum Set

Next in line is one of the cheapest options in the market. It is the Pyle Electronic Drum Set. The name Pyle might sound familiar to many, especially if you’re a keen musician. This brand has been in business since the 1960s and has made a reputation for providing high-quality musical instruments over this period. And one of their best selling and probably the most popular audio equipment is this Pyle electronic drum set.

The reason behind its mass popularity is obviously it sounds perfect and feels incredible while playing. But the affordable price tag makes more musicians into it as not everyone can spend big bucks. Plus, the compact demeanor of it makes it perfect practice instrument as it requires no space whatsoever.

Just find a flat surface and place the Pyle kit to get it set up. But just for the easy-going nature, don’t take it lightly. It packs the sound and meantime very addictive once you get the hang of it.


  • Single piece e of equipment. All in one design for ultimate compactness.
  • It offers to record, plays and even editing.
  • The Pyle drum connects with a computer and other devices to give you the opportunity to create music yourself.
  • The drum set got trainer mode to help beginners learn the art of rock and roll.
  • The built speakers have loud and clear sound quality.
  • It has hundreds of pre-installed songs, sounds, and drum module.


The Roland TD-11K was a compact electronic drum kit. Compared to that, this is simply a miniature drum set. The compact tabletop design of it makes it suitable for setting up in any place. It gets better, being a one-piece system, it is easy to carry around. But that doesn’t mean, you will be missing out anything on this setup. This got everything attached to its body just like any other drum set. From tom-toms to snare drums. Even cymbals are included and can be tuned using its variety of available options on board. Even bass drum pedals are available to give you the ultimate feeling of mimicking professional drums.


This Pyle drum might not be as expensive as the other ones, but performance wise it isn’t that far behind. It’s the perfect kit to start with for beginner learners of the art. The sound quality is precise and clear as a whistle. But the performance of it enhances with the other aspects of the kit. Like the adjustment setting of it takes it to a whole new level. The smart programming feature of it gives the user the advantage of tuning the setup depending on the genre. From tempo to beats, all can be tuned according to the song you wished to play. Now, this elevates the quality of playing the drums on a different level altogether. And the party doesn’t stop there, as this has a wide range of sounds to offer, so you can play almost anything on it and have the precise rhythm. Now, that’s truly amazing to listen coming from such a little equipment.

Remarkable Feature:

The recording and saving feature on the Pyle kit really is impressive. It gives aspiring musicians the opportunity to record and listen while they play. This way, they can improve their skills far superiorly compared to playing the real thing. But the feature that takes the cake is the connectivity system of it. For many reasons this feature is impressive. First of all, you can connect the drum to the computer and improve your skills. But if you know your way around the drum, then you can start editing and mixing some songs to take it to the next level.

What We Liked

  • Customizable.
  • Sound recording system.
  • Trainer mode for learners.
  • Pre-installed songs and sounds.
  • Connectivity feature with other devices.
  • Big and clear LCD display.

What We Didn’t like

  • Drum response isn’t good.
  • The sound of the built-in speakers is good but not quite loud.

3. PAXCESS Drum Set – Electric Drum Set for Kids

PAXCESS electronic drum set for kids

If your kid wishes to become Neil Peart, then he or she needs to have to learn from a young age. Obviously, the acoustic set won’t be possible to play due to its gigantic nature. So, an electric drum module is the way to go. And to be more specific, the PAXCESS drum set is the thing your kid requires to start towards his/her dreams.

This roll-up set from PAXCESS is perfect as it’s compact and easy to reach, unlike the real thing. And all the credit should go to the manufacturers as they thought about everything. From designers to engineers, all played their part to offer the best for the kids. But just because it’s for kids, doesn’t mean its a toy.

To be honest, it is the real deal as it got snare, toms, crash, ride, hi-hat, foot pedals, and whatnot. So, even professionals can enjoy playing the drum.


  • The drum has 1 SNARE, 3 TOMS, 1 CRASH, 1 RIDE, 1 HI-HAT; 2 Foot Pedals play the sound of Bass Drum and 5 Timbres.
  • It got 8 demo songs with 3 rhythms pre-recorded.
  • It has a 2400 mAh battery which provides up to 10 hours of playtime.
  • The drum set has earphone jacks to let you practice in quiet without disturbing others.
  • It offers built-in speakers with an excellent bass system, so play directly on it without connecting other speakers.
  • MIDI system gives players the opportunity to connect to the computer to play music and even play games.


It’s a roll-up electronic drum system, so dimension wise it gets tiny. Usually, it got a 16.9-inch footprint on the surface. But after you roll up the thing, this is just like those yoga mats. Nothing more to talk about the design. Except, its black and green color combination pops up nice and looks excellent.


Performance wise it isn’t far behind with the rest. The sound quality of this drum set is one of the best in such price range. It is quite clear and loud. Especially, the bass effect of it is quite remarkable. Most of the times, it surprises players how good it sounds when you play. Besides the sound system, the drum response is something deserves high praise. It responses quick and on time. No delay whatsoever.

Remarkable Feature:

The 10 hour play time using a single charge is quite exceptional. But the thing really catches the eye its earphone jack system. You don’t have to make your neighbor’s life miserable just to practice the drums. Just plug in the headphone to the drum and start playing as much as you want. Enjoy playing by respecting others privacy.

What We Liked

  • Good built-in sound system.
  • Various sounds.
  • Easy to play.
  • Connects to PC.
  • It has a recording feature.

What We Didn’t like

  • The built-in battery sometimes fail.

4. Pyle roll-up midi kit – Best Portable Electronic Drum Set

Pyle electronic roll-up midi drum kit

More and more people are getting into the electric drum sets. It’s becoming a genuine favorite instrument and not only for its compact design. But if compactness is of the top priority on such equipment, then Pyle has just the perfect thing for you.

It is the Pyle electronic roll-up midi drum module. It is an understatement when you describe it as a compact drum set. This thing rolls up like the yoga mats of yours. So, unlike those big drum sets, you don’t have to pack each drum to a box. Just roll up the entire thing and carry under your arm without even sweating a bit.

For beginner learners or even for those who love to jam all the time will consider this for its travel light feature. And weighing just under 2 pounds makes it a real portable kit compared to the rest.


  • Get connected to your PC or Mac and upload your sessions using the MIDI support by the electronic drum set.
  • It got 12 pre-selected demo songs in it to play along and improve your skills on the drum.
  • The Pyle roll-up offers 7 different sound style for playing a different genre of music.
  • The drum has a hand percussion mode to let musicians play with their hands instead of the drumsticks.
  • Being roll up and weighing just under 5 lbs make it the ultimate portable drum kit in the world.


There isn’t much to talk about when it comes to the appearance of the Pyle electronic roll-up midi drum. It is lightweight equipment, therefore, having a simple design makes a lot of sense. The drums are on top of a mat. And the mat is apparently made from rubber for its durability factor. Plus, it’s rolled up is more comfortable than any other thing. But besides this fairly simple build, there is something more. At the edge of the drum kit, you have a rounded box system which got all the buttons and jacks. You change the settings using this thing. However, this model doesn’t have any display whatsoever on it. So, it got an old school kind of a vibe which is ok as the manufacturers wanted it to be lightweight equipment.


The Pyle kit will surprise the players with its realistic drum sounds. This thing responds quite well to hits which is a real surprise. Yes, the responses at times can be delayed and when hit on the edges the sound coming out won’t be great. But overall, the performance of the drum kit surpasses anyone’s expectations. It has a clear and loud enough sound which is more than enough.

Remarkable Feature:

Playing along with the pre-recorded songs is probably the most outstanding feature in this setup. You can play along with the 12 pre-recorded songs and record them to improve your skills. And this gets better with the MIDI feature of the drum. As you can connect to the computer and mix those sessions to get the best use out of the Pyle drum set.

What We Liked

  • It is portable.
  • Connects to both PC and Mac.
  • It has pre-recorded songs and sounds.
  • The drum response is good.
  • The kit comes with kick pedals.
  • Very affordable.

What We Didn’t like

  • The sound system isn’t quite loud.

5. Alesis DM6 Nitro Kit – Best for Beginners

Alesis DM6 Nitro Kit for Beginners

Some of the above kits might not feel like the actual drum set. If that is your top priority while making sure you don’t break the bank then Alesis DM6 Nitro Kit is for you. Yes, Alesis has an electric drum set to offer and no surprise it is awesome like all their other stuff.

From the 1980’s they have been in the business and in all this time, they have just revolutionized the music instrument industry. And a great example of that is this DM6 Nitro kit. From four drum heads, three cymbals, a bass pedal, and a high-hat pedal to snare and toms, every single piece is available with the kit for giving players the ultimate drumming experience.

For beginners, this is the dream kit as it got everything and more. Especially, the user-friendliness aspect of it makes it easier for learners to get going with it.


  • This is a full-sized electronic drum set.
  • It is an improved version of the standard DM6 as it got upgraded “brain” and drum pads to provide higher sound quality.
  • It comes with a user-friendly control panel.
  • The control panel has a nice LCD display.
  • It allows USB MIDI connection for recording and controlling virtual instrument on computers and other devices.
  • The system has stereo outs and headphone jacks.
  • It got a quick record and play system.


Compared to the previous models this is a gigantic setup. However, those were roll-up drum sets. Meanwhile, this is a full-fledged electric kit. It got the snare to cymbals and still, it is quite a compact model. The 12.6 x 33.46 x 2.05-inch dimension gives you enough room to set the entire thing in almost any space in the world.


Usually, the electronic drums aren’t that loud if you compare them with the acoustic one. The rubber pads here can make some good noise. Not that it will make your neighbors life hell, but loud enough to tremble the entire apartment. Then there is the playing factor. You won’t be feeling like playing an acoustic kit but still, the dynamics of it will excite you to the bone. And you can’t put a price on that, can you?

Remarkable Feature:

The controller module of this electronic drum kit is its best part. The Alesis Nitro has a mind-boggling 385 drums, cymbal and percussion sound on board of which 40 are built-in preset kits. The numbers are quite staggering. Now, you can change settings on the fly on any song and find the right vibe. If that wasn’t enough, it got 60 tracks to play along. So, practice and improve your skills all on your own.

What We Liked

  • Easy to set up.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Nice, clean sound system.
  • Easy to use control panel.
  • It offers hundreds of sounds.
  • Got PC connectivity

What We Didn’t like

  • Not suitable for professionals.

6. Yamaha DTX400K Electronic Drum Set under 500

Yamaha DTX400K Electronic Drum set under 500

For a more realistic sounding drum module place your faith on the Yamaha DTX400K Customizable Electronic Kit. I know most of you might consider them a powerhouse as a vehicle maker. But very few of you are aware of the real history of the brand. Torakusu Yamaha, the founder of the brand started his journey by building a reed organ. The heritage of the company indicates it as the pioneer of the music industry and so no surprise the tradition went on and took a modern twist.

Now, they make some of the best-automated instruments and probably one of the best under 500 bucks. The Yamaha DTX400K, the beast incarnated is an 8 piece instrument. So, anyone looking for a real deal within a tight budget should look no further and get this right in their cart to head home to jam hard on.


  • The DTX400K has 297 high-quality sounds pre-installed.
  • This has a staggering 10 customizable kits and built-in lesson programs.
  • The KU100 Silent Kick Unit from Yamaha makes this a silent but effective drum kit.
  • This got HH65 remote hi-hat which allows half-open, pedal and splash hi-hat sounds.
  • For more control, the kit comes with a FREE iOS Apps. This allows easy customization like song importing, and training programs.


The Yamaha DTX400K has a mere simple setup. But the build quality of it deserves a mention as Yamaha ensured genuine quality parts. Therefore, it cannot only sustain the ultimate drum sessions but also sounds good while doing so. Meanwhile, the solid metal construction below holds every drum rack on position. So, in that sense, Yamaha aced it.


The DTX400K isn’t a high-end electronic drum. However, when you listen to it or play the drum, that won’t come to your mind. This thing mimics the sound of the acoustic one and feels the same. So, all in all, Yamaha has presented a majestic drum set that most drummers will enjoy to play.

Remarkable Feature:

The sound module system of the kit is something to die for. The DTX400K has an astonishing 297 drum samples. But things go nuts with its 10 drum kit presets. Especially the fact drummers can create their own kits to save as additional presets. So, you can have countless hours of fun just messing around with the drums and making your own bits.

What We Liked

  • There are 297 drum samples.
  • It has a recording option.
  • The sound quality is fabulous.
  • It got a headphone jack for silent practice sessions.
  • The build quality is exceptional.

What We Didn’t like

  • The app is for iPhone users only.
  • Kick pedal isn’t stable.

7. Aufitker roll-up drum – Best Small Electronic Drum Set

Aufitker roll-up Small Electronic Drum Set

For traveling drummers, it is impossible to take their drum set everywhere. But once considered as an impossible task is possible all thanks to the Aufitker roll-up drum set. The name Aufitker might ring a bell. Yes, this is the same brand who shocked the world with its breathtaking roll up piano. And now it wants to follow up on the success with a similar setup. But this time, instead of the piano, you get the best small electronic drum set. You get the Aufitker roll-up.

So, how small is it you ask? The roll-up dimension is somewhat close to 9 inches. You can easily fit this thing in a bag without any hassle. And the best part, even with all the parts like a crash cymbal, ride cymbal, open /close Hi-Hat, Bass, Snare, and Tom, it weighs 4 pounds. So, carry it all day long and still won’t feel any weight at all.


  • It comes with 9 drums pads. They are the Crash cymbal, high tom, Snare, open/close hi-hat, low floor tom, low-mid to, ride cymbal.
  • The USB MIDI connection lets player connect it to a computer to upload the recorded sessions.
  • It has a double speaker output which provides surreal sound effects.
  • The thick pad can be rolled easily making it perfect for travels.
  • It comes with a lot of accessories like two pedals, a power supply, and drumsticks.


Like any other roll-up drum set, this also has a fairly plain looking design. Here, it has a thick pad where the drums are attached and on the top end of the mat is attached to the control panel. Nothing fancy, a simple and elegant looking design.


This is one of the best drum kits and a big reason for such accolades is its surprising performance. If you think it can sound or feel as good as the Roland, then you’ll be making a mistake. The price gap between the two instruments is huge, therefore there will be a significant performance difference. However, for a drum set under 100, it packs a lot of punch. Means, the sound coming from the dual speakers are really clean. While the rebound feels of the drums unexpectedly awesome.

Remarkable Feature:

The speed adjustment system of the Aufitker is a unique feature. You can regulate the speed of tracks and enhance your drum skills with the rhythm. For newcomers, this trait can come real handy as they slow down tracks and play along to get the hang of it. And slowly they can increase the rhythm to catch up with it while playing to get more skilled.

What We Liked

  • It is compact.
  • Quite lightweight.
  • Easy to carry around.
  • Good speakers.
  • Easy to play.
  • Record and play option.
  • It has PC connectivity.

What We Didn’t like

  • Lacks sound variety.

8. EVERYONE GAIN Roll-Up Drum Kit Best for the money


If you want the best electronic roll-up drum set for the money then Everyone Gain has something special stored. It is the Roll-Up Drum Kit Portable Electronic Drum Set and it’s the best musical instrument of its kind. Compare it to the other roll-up models and you can clearly see a significant difference.

However, this upgrade comes with an expensive price. But the price is reasonable as it provides a lot of exceptional benefits. First of all, is obviously is its compact design. Perfect if you require traveling a lot. Then there is the recording option. Now, to be honest, it isn’t an unusual feature in a drum. However, the recording in it is precise and clear.

You can clearly hear what you’ve been playing as somehow it cancels the surrounding noise. The built-in speaker in it is exceptional. So is the power supply options. For your information, this has not one, not two but a total of 4 different power supply alternatives. So, it won’t ever drain down of power that’s for certain.


  • It provides ten drum surface on the pad.
  • Comes with 9 demo songs,11 accompaniments,3 drum sounds pre-recorded.
  • It includes recording function, volume control, and speed control.
  • It has a high-quality double stereo built-in speaker with super bass effect.
  • It has a USB MIDI function which lets you connect it to your computer to play all drum games.
  • It has a total of four power supply.


Design wise it is amazing. It got a lot of drums in a very small space still, it doesn’t feel cluttered like other roll-up drums. There is a total of ten drums on the surface. But everyone knows which drum is for what Everyone Gain labeled the drums using their name instead of assigning numbers. Plus, the color contrast of black and red really makes it mesmerizing.


In the performance department, it is on par with some of the top electronic drum sets in the business. The sound stereo is actually that good in this small setup. And the performance level elevates thanks to all the integrated songs and sounds as you can enjoy more use of it while playing the drums.

Remarkable Feature:

The MIDI function is the icing on the cake in this already awesome drum kit. Not only now you can connect and mix your drum sessions but you can play all the drum games using your kit.

What We Liked

  • Easy to play.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Connectivity to a computer.
  • Various sound options.
  • Labeled drums.
  • High-quality stereo.

What We Didn’t like

  • It doesn’t respond like acoustic drums.

9. Roland TD1KV V

Roland TD1KV V-drum kit

If you live in a small space, the acoustic drum kit is already out of the equation. It won’t fit, and most importantly your neighbors won’t be living peacefully when you go full metal. So, what’s the solution? Simple, an electronic drum set. To be specific, get your hands on the best Roland drum set by purchasing the TD1KV V-Drum.

This is the one that changed my perspective on electronic drum sets forever. The sound produced by this thing really captivates the imagination of the acoustic one. But if it wasn’t enough, this quality instrument comes in a reasonable price range that no way anyone would miss out on this.


  • The TD1KV has a dimension of only 37 x 18 x 13 inches.
  • It is easy to carry around as it weighs about 30 pounds.
  • The frame holding the entire setup is super sturdy.
  • It has a snare pad with Mesh Head. Plus tom pads, crash cymbal pad and ride Cymbal Pad, a hi-hat pad, kick Pedal and a hi-hat Pedal.
  • It has a simple sound module system.


It has a moderate design. Roland kept things simple so that it easy to assemble and disassemble. All the drum racks are held by a heavy metal construction bar. Now, this gives it the stability but while playing it also provides the flexibility. It is possible as the racks are all adjustable.


Performing on it feels so natural and flowing. This is because the drums have a realistic rebound feel to it. That something most drummers miss in an electronic drum set. But the TD1KV have figured out a way to capture the true spirit of drums in their kit.

Remarkable Feature:

The coach function in the Roland is a humbling feature. Beginners now can take advantage of the electronic kit and develop their skill as a drummer. The time and drop out setting helps you to sync better with songs. You can now know if you’re running ahead or behind the beat.

What We Liked

  • Perfect setup for limited space.
  • It has 15 kits by default.
  • Easy setup process.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Sound module got options for helping to learn.
  • It has USB connectivity.

What We Didn’t like

  • The hi-hat and bass pedals don’t feel realistic.

10. Alesis Nitro Kit

Alesis Nitro kit

Alesis is known for its musical instruments. And such a reputation they build on some exceptional products. Like this Alesis Nitro kit which by the way the best electronic drum kit that came out from the manufacturers to date. This 8 pieces compact kit has everything you require to play like a real rock-star.

When I say everything, it got every piece of the puzzle. It features 3x 8-inch tom pads with an 8-inch dual-zone snare drum. And my god, they feel great, and the response is also a familiar feeling as if you’re playing an acoustic drum. Even it has a kick drum pad with a pedal. Plus, it got cymbals, crash and other stuff all held securely by an aluminum rack.


  • Dynamic and natural responsive pads.
  • It got 8 pieces of drums.
  • It has a kick pad tower.
  • Bass drum pedal is included with the kick pad.
  • It has 40 ready-to-play modern and classic kits.
  • Also has an astounding 385 custom sounds.


The nitro kit stands on an aluminum rack which holds all the pieces to play the instrument. A simple construction module like any other electronic kit. However, this one is slightly different than the rest. It is still quite compact but compared to other electric kits; this has a larger footprint. Plus, the sound module is placed on the side instead of being right in the middle. By the way, in this way, it is more comfortable.


It is a delight to play. The drums are quite responsive, and there isn’t any delay sounds at all. Plus, the sound quality is crystal clear and loud. And the cherry on top is its recording system. Now, you can play drums and record to listen later.

Remarkable Feature:

The most striking feature in this model is that it lets you play along with your favorite songs. Just connect it to your device and play songs on the speaker of the kit. Meantime, you can also hear yourself playing drums at the same time. Exciting, isn’t it?

What We Liked

  • Good sound quality.
  • It has a recording and playing option.
  • Offers connectivity with other devices.
  • Responds well to hit.
  • Kick pads are great.
  • It has pre-installed songs and sounds.

What We Didn’t like

  • All drums don’t sound equally loud.

11. Yamaha DTX522K

Yamaha DTX522K

The Yamaha DTX522K is probably the best electronic drum kit to come out of the brand. Claiming such a thing is easy but this DTX backs it claims with some pretty impressive features. The very first thing that comes to my mind is the attention to detail.

Yamaha is known to build products that will last forever. The same thing can be said for this drum set as its construction is so reliable. Even if you go full mental playing the drums, the racks will not be moved, and it will take all the hits with grace. But the standout factor about this drum set is its sound quality.

One of the biggest drawbacks of such tools is that they aren’t capable enough to produce realistic sounds. But Yamaha took care of it as they analyzed the drums with lasers to improve sounds of actual drum strokes. Now, this sounds too sweet like the real drum set.


  • It got XP80 3-zone textured silicon snare pad. It gives realistic feel while playing.
  • Triple zones of expression on the ride, crash, and hi-hat cymbal pads.
  • It also has the ‘choke’ function 360-degrees around the edge of the cymbal.
  • The DTX502 module generates a staggering 32 note polyphonic tone.
  • It has an unbelievable 691 drum and percussion sounds.
  • The drum also comes with 50 preset kits from different genres.
  • There is an iOS app to control the module system from your phone.


There is only one word to describe it, and that is impressive. This setup is designed to fan out like any other drum set. But for players, it is much more comfortable as the can adjust the drums to their reach. Plus, the durable build gives players the license to go wild without worrying about doing any damage.


It’s undoubtedly the biggest selling point for the Yamaha kit. The moment you start drumming you get dragged into it. And it engages players like the acoustic model. Then there is the sound quality. It is pretty loud meantime crystal clear. And don’t forget, the variety of sound produced gives you more to play with then your regular drum sets.

Remarkable Feature:

The drum trigger module is the most exciting feature for me. It got so many sound varieties and pre-recorded kits that you can play all year long and still you will stumble upon to something new. The 691 drum and percussion sounds with 50 preset drum kits is probably the most variety you’ll get in a drum set.

What We Liked

  • Exceptional speakers.
  • Lots of sound variety.
  • Realistic feel.
  • Solid construction.
  • Lightweight.
  • Compact.
  • Easy setup process.

What We Didn’t like

  • The app is only available for iOS users.

12. Alesis command kit – Best Under 1000

Alesis Command drum Kit under 1000

Alesis has figured out the game when it comes to producing high-quality musical instruments. Already, I’ve picked a top quality drum kit for this list. But if you got some good money to spend and want something more impressive, then Alesis Command Kit should be your top priority.

The authentic drumming experience is enough to spend big bucks on this 8-piece composition. Add an advanced drum module to the equation, and you got yourself a winner. Now, you can not only play along with all the pre-recorded songs but also train to become a better and more skilled drummer. And all can be done from your apartment without making your neighbors existence a living hell.


  • It has 10″ dual-zone tightly woven snare pad for superior playing response.
  • Comes with an 8″ Mesh Kick pad including a kick drum pedal.
  • Also has 3 large dual zone rubber tom pads.
  • The advanced drum module has 70 kits and 600 sounds.
  • Use USB memory stick to load songs to play along.


The build quality of this Alesis command deserves a huge applause. As it stands out tall even after harsh beatings like it was nothing. The rack stays at the place, and it is steady as ever to go for one more round.


More season drummers will appreciate the extra mile Alesis went when it comes to offering mesh snare and kicks. It’s just the dream combination as the sound is more subtle, but the bounce is as good as the acoustic ones.

Remarkable Feature:

The 70 kits option by the module is really a fantastic feature. Especially the fact 50 of those kits come out of the factory. So, still, 20 of the place is left to give the players the chance to record their kits.

What We Liked

  • Solid rack.
  • Lots of sound variety.
  • Easy to use.
  • Training mode.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Great sound quality.

What We Didn’t like

  • The setup process is complicated.

Buying Guide: Things to look for in the Best Electronic Drum Kit

There are a couple of things you need to be aware of while buying an electronic drum set. But the most important one is what type of drum set you require. And there are typically two types of option in this regard.

  • Full set drum kit: The complete set drum kit is like your typical acoustic drum set. But unlike that, it isn’t a big setup. It’s much more compact so it can comfortably fit in any place.
  • Roll-up drum kit: There is the other option in the form of the roll-up drum kit. It’s a single piece setup where all the drums are placed on a mat. And as the name suggests, this thing rolls-up like a mat. So, you can carry it around places. Buyers should make their choice depending on the type of equipment. If you want something sturdy and more close to the real thing, then the full set kit should be the obvious choice. However, you travel a lot and have the craving to hit on the drums then the roll-up option makes much more sense.
  • The technology behind the product

The sound production of acoustic drum sets doesn’t mesmerize anyone. However, when it comes to the electronic drum set, this gets quite interesting. Because no one can figure out how the drum set can produce so many types of sounds. The technology behind it bewilders many, but after today you will get some idea how the thing works. So, buckle up to learn the technology behind an electronic drum kit.

  • How it produces sound?​​​​

Whether the drums are huge like the full set kit or small such as the roll-up models, the functionality of them remains the same. Now the whole sound production thing works using the transducer placed on the drums. For your information, the transducer is a device that sends signals when pressure is applied.

In the electronic kit, when you hit the drums, it converts the pressure to a signal and transmits it to the sound module which produces the sound. Now, depending on the pressure, the music will be louder or weaker. A fairly simple process.

  • How come different sounds?

As already known, the sensors on the drums send the signal to the module. And that’s where the real magic lies. Now, every drum has different parts like cymbals, hats, and whatnot. So, how does the brain ( means the module) differs one signal from another and produce the particular sound? It’s possible because each part sends a specific value of the voltage to the brain. And depending on that value, the module generates the particular sound of the part.

Now, some parts can produce more than one sound. It’s possible as in some parts there is more than one sensor. So, it can create different sounds in spite of being the same instrument.

So, by now you have a pretty clear idea how the entire thing works. The description of the technology might not sound that fun. But believe me, when you get to play the kit, you already know you’re going to have a lot of fun.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you create your own custom samples?

A: It depends on the model. In most higher end models this is a standard feature. And even in some lower-end models, you will get to use your custom samples. So, look out for the feature while purchasing the kit.

2. What comes with a drum kit?

A: Before purchase makes sure what comes with the package. In some cases, everything is offered. Like from kick pad to even stool is part of the drum kit. On the other hand, there are drum sets where only the drums are part of the deal. The rest needs to be purchased separately at your own cost obviously.

3. Can you connect it to other devices?

A: Yes. The MIDI connectivity has become a standard feature, and all electronic drum set offers this capability. So, now you can transfer sound files between your drum kit and other devices with ease. Even better, as now you can play drum games on the kit using the connectivity.

Final Words

It has been a ride, and now it comes to an end. By now, you should have decided to go with a particular best electronic drum set from the list. I know it isn’t easy to pick one but consider every aspect and then go for it. You won’t regret it.

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