Surprising Health Benefits of Back Massage Therapy

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Surprising Health Benefits of Back Massage Therapy 1

Wrong posture or spending hours in front of a computer may cause pain in your back, neck, and shoulder. If you’re the sufferer, you apparently know how back pain badly effects on your daily activities.

Back massage or massage therapy is nowadays a popular treatment for the upper and lower back pain. An effective back massage can help you get rid of the unbearable pain easily. It also makes you feel more relaxed.

A good back massage can help you in various ways. Studies have revealed several potential health betterment of back massage. Without further ado, let us straightaway get to learn the 11 surprising benefits of back massage.

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11 Scientific Benefits of Back Massage Therapy

#1 Alleviate Lower Back Pain

After spending hours at your desk or a vigorous workout, your back muscles may tense from repetitive use or overuse. A good back can help you relieve lower back pain. When your lower back muscles are massaged, the tension is released. As a result, you feel relaxed.

The Annals of Internal Medicine” – this study reveals that back massage is more effective in relieving back pain than spinal modification or acupuncture. Not only that, back massage is also proven to reduce the use of painkillers by 36%.

#2 Ease Upper Back Pain

The main reason for the upper back pain is the wrong posture during exercise, physical labor or work. Bad posture leads you to increased tension in your upper back muscles. Sometimes, it may lead to knots forming in your muscles. When the muscles are massaged, they stretch and relax. Thus, it helps you to relieve tension and knots and reduce pain.

#3 Improve blood Circulation

Obviously, massage is a technique to stimulate blood circulation in muscles. Improved blood circulation has various positive effects on health. It enhances the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to tissue. As a result, it relaxes stiff muscles.

#4 Improved and Better Sleep

Regular back massage also helps you to improve sleep. Muscle tension may cause you to have difficulties to fall asleep or stay in a deep sleep. During the back massage, the larger back muscles relax and relieve tension. Your stress levels decrease, and you’ll feel better. The result is a restful sleep for good health and optimum performance.

#5 Soothes Depression and Anxiety

Believe it or not, back massage plays a vital role in lifting your mood. But how?

Researchers show that massage helps to release “feel-good hormones” such as endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. It also helps to lower “stress hormone.” As our nerves run through the spine, it relaxes the nervous system. In effect, they help to decrease pain in the back, and you feel good. Notably, back massage has been proved to be a successful technique for the treatment of depression and anxiety.

#6 Stimulate The Healing Process

Some people suffer from tight, weak muscles and atrophied. If not correctly treated, this may last for a long time. Surprisingly, back massage can help heal the muscles even after a long history of suffering. It helps to reduce scar tissue and stretch marks by relaxing muscles, increasing circulation, and improving flexibility and joint movement. Thus, it helps to reduce scar tissue and stretch marks. People who are suffering from strained muscles in the back may notice enhanced joint flexibility after a good back massage.

#7 Lower Blood Pressure

Can you imagine about 72 million Americans are suffering from high blood pressure? Studies show that at least three 10-minute back massages a week help people to lower their blood pressure.

#8 Strengthen the Spine

Due to the work environment, nowadays people are adopting a sedentary lifestyle. In effect, due to this lifestyle, the supporting muscles of the spine become weak that lead to the risk of injuries. Regular back massage helps to improve posture and structural health and thus strengthen the spine.

#9 Treatments without Any Side Effect

Massage is a proven technique for the treatment of neck, shoulder and back pain without side effects. Today, people are losing their dependency on medication and are becoming more interested in holistic approaches. Massage therapy is one of these approaches. Medical and health professionals frequently recommend people back massage for back pain instead of medication.

#10 Maternity and Labor

Studies show that during pregnancy back massage promotes healthy circulation between the baby and mom. It also prevents common fluid buildup in. Moreover, it prevents swelling and reduces the pain of the joints. During pregnancy, back massage also helps mom to alleviate depression and relieve anxiety. A back massage helps to reduce lower back pain during labor. It makes the childbirth easier and decrease the amount of time a mother needs to stay in the hospital after childbirth.

#11 Beneficial For Kids

Human touch, as well as interaction, is one of the key points to promote feelings of safety, love, and relaxation. So, massage especially back massage is beneficial for kids. It makes kids feel good. It helps children for a better sleep which is a must for their proper growth. Research has done on the effect of back massage on infants. It shows that massage helps newborn baby cry less and sleep more.

One Word Of Caution!

If you’re pregnant or suffering from a pre-existing medical condition, you should check with your physician before using back massager.

To get relief from back pain and reap its other benefits, it’s important to understand the causes of your back pain and the purpose of back massage.


Last Words

People think that back massage or massage therapy is “safe,” and of course it mostly is. But things may go wrong.  Although, serious side effects are very rare, however, the minor effect may be found.

Sure, back massage has proven benefits for pain relief. We’ve already learned that it can do much more than that. Notably, it has no apparent medical or biological adverse effects. As a matter of fact, the benefits of back massage are sketchy, and you shouldn’t think that back massage will help much with any other common musculoskeletal pain problem.

If you’re not practical for appointment to the therapist, due to a busy schedule or for other reasons, the best back massager can be a good alternative for you.

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